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In which fancy prom dresses (and wings) aren't just for the prom anymore

It's that time again.

As so often happens, the best events start with food.

And then:

on to the thrift stores!

We do this every year.

Attending the PNER convention is fun anyhow.

But attending the convention banquet and dance in an ASTONISHING dress makes things more fun.

Shopping Day is one of the funniest days of the year with the Usual Suspects.

So, our outfits are ready,

and so are we!

In which we join the Trail Minions of Doom and do not completely drown

Our friend Anne-Marie took a great notion to create an Endurance clinic for  Green Bean riders, and a bunch of us thought it was a good idea.
 The clinic is all the way off-the-ground now:  they've got a date, a place, a presenter (Susan Garlinghouse!!!) and

now they have trails, too.

Adjacent to clinic location Griffinwood Stables is almost 100 acres of woods, including some sweet little trails,

and a few training challenges.

The trail crews split into smaller groups to cover lots of ground and clear out the ever-encroaching blackberry vines.  Other than vine-encroachment, the trails were in pretty good shape--

wet, of course, but with mostly-gravel underneath,

nice wide tread, and good sight-lines.

The foliage here is slightly different than we see on our home trails--lots more deciduous variety than our standard alder/cottonwood scrub.

We checked the creek crossing, and devised a wonderful exercise for the riders here: sponging practice!

The far side of the creek is a trail cal…

In which Fiddle receives visitors and I am disobedient

This is Eliza, and Fiddle loves her.

Eliza came to visit because her grandmother came to visit.
"And who is this grandmother?" the Inquisitive Reader wants to know.
Why, it's Jacqui, otherwise known as Fiddle's First Mum.

Back in 2006, Jacqui was coping with a nasty brain tumor and couldn't take care of Our Favorite Dragon anymore, and so (thanks to a network of helpful people) she delivered Fiddle to me on a rainy night in late December.

I was given the option to send her to Greener Pastures the following Spring if I didn't want to keep the mare...and we all know how that turned out.

But Jacqui didn't just drive off into the sunset!

She went through heaps of treatment, and has visited Haiku Farm a couple of times, and last weekend she came back with her daughter and Young Eliza in tow.

Here's a thing about Fiddle:  she loves babies.  She's a mothering kind of mare, and watches out for little dumb things like foals and kittens and toddlers.


In which we continue explorations and get bewildered again

Roo and I went out to look at another stretch of the Whitehorse Trail today.
We only had an hour to walk, so we decided to start as the same trailhead as before, but head east instead of west.

This section still needs a LOT of work--I didn't know that before we left.

In fact, I suspected, but didn't really know for sure that we weren't actually on the trail itself for the first half of our walk until we saw a sign posted by a local landowner.

So, we turned the other direction on the road (not the trail) and kept heading vaguely east.

It was a pretty day to be bewildered in, and Roo is good company.

We finally got to the trail by cutting through somebody's orchard.  Since the path through the orchard is well-established, I figure I'm not the first person to be off-trail here.

 When we found the trail, we followed it east for a bit.

The turnaround place is the intersection of the trail with a local road--and I recognize the spot: I bought hay here a few years ago.