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In which the hitch in my getalong has a twin and there is safety

A Tale of Two Hitches
It was the worst of joints, it was the best of joints. It was the age of rust, it was the age of composites. It was the epoch of hi-tech, it was the epoch of low tech...

Recovery from Hip Replacement Surgery II continues to progress at a mind-boggling pace.  When I went through surgery and recovery in 2014, we were all amazed at how quickly I recovered.  There was pain, stiffness, and (a lot of) fatigue, but I gained back mobility and skills pretty fast.
Flashback to 2014: Day 4 - Came home from hospital.  Day 6 - ditched the walker.  Day 7 - walked slowly down to the barn.  Day 8 - ditched the cane.  Day 10 - slow progress, weaning off pain meds, starting to move around more.  Day 14 - taking fewer pain meds, went to a horse show (to watch).  Day 19 - went for a 1.5 mile walk with Roo.  Day 25 - rode Hana in the arena for about five minutes (walk/trot).  Day 29 - rode Fiddle on the trail for about an hour (walk/trot).  
That was then.  This is now: I'm taking to…

In which Lulu Rubidoux returns with a brand new Skookum story

I started writing about the semi-fictional town of Skookum in 2010, and every once in a while a new Skookum story pops up in my head.  
So it was a few days ago, when I was struggling to stuff words into a new story about zombies, and was instead mowed down by a tale from my favorite town celebrating my second-favorite holiday (Hallowe'en is my favorite, but Thanksgiving is a close second).
I took a break from zombies, and wrote this down in one throw, and I'm loading it up on the blog as a gift to you, dear readers, from me and all the other semi-fictional people of Skookum, to celebrate Thanksgiving.  
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as Lulu and I enjoyed writing it.  
Please feel free to forward the link and share the story with friends and family. If you want to know more about Skookum and read more stories about Lulu and the other odd folk who live there, use the blog search box for the word "Skookum."  
Who knows?  Maybe, someday, reading stories about Skookum w…

In which healing continues and I don't dawdle around about it

I'm not saying that all surgery recoveries  are this quick and easy.

What I'm saying is what other people said I would say (about the first hip replacement, March 2014):
"I wish I'd done this sooner."
I still tire easily and run out of spoons pretty early in the day. But already there is so much less pain. 
I don't know how soon I will be back in the saddle, but if things continue the way they are going, it won't be very long. 
For now, I am content with short grooming sessions and lots of napping. 
It's good, y'all.

In which Total Hip Replacement 2 is going pretty well so far

I'm not ever going to say that a Total Hip Replacement is fun.
But I will say that this time is going much better than the last time (and the last time was pretty remarkable in terms of fast recovery and getting me back on my horse).

I should preface by saying that I went into surgery this time with a much less-injured joint, and supporting tissues that were not nearly as "angry."  
I could have walked into the hospital on Monday without my cane, in fact. 

I had several advantages this time:
I wasn't as terrified.  Sure, still not thrilled at the prospect of deliberately subjecting myself to time in a hospital, plus the recovery time at home and not on my horse.  But my fear level was significantly lower.I wasn't as injured.  The doc wouldn't let me have the 2nd procedure at this time last year, 6 months out from the first hip replacement.  But I was having pain on the other side at that point, we knew that it would only get worse--and it did.  When I consulte…

In which the rain pours down and I play Yenta for Duana again

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

Duana and I like to tell the story about how I called her one day back in February 2011 and said, "I have your horse, you need to come ride with me."  
Almost exactly two years later, Du bought Hana.  That was a good day.  They've had lots of fun together so far, and they aren't nearly done!

Hana is done with endurance.  She's 19 years old, and the x-rays show concussion fractures in her front feet.  She's sound enough...for trail riding, for dressage, for working with the crew at Renegade and hauling tools up the mountain.
But sound enough is not sound enough for endurance.  Endurance is hard...and that's why Duana made the very wise choice to retire Hana from endurance while she's still sound enough to do other stuff.  

Du loves endurance.


We're looking for another horse.  
This ti…

In which I'm not procrastinating. I'm going riding. Not the same.

My hip replacement surgery is scheduled for next Monday morning,  and there are so many things I "should" be doing before that..., I'm going riding.

Here's a video to watch while I'm gone.

In which I'm supposed to be writing a novel, so here are pictures

It's November again, in case y'all haven't noticed.   And in November, I WRITE.
Sometimes the things I write are good.  Sometimes they are awful.  Two books drafted during the month of November have been published, another will be when I can wrap my brain all the way around the edits.

November is National Novel Writing Month, when all over the world, writers commit to composing  50,000 words:  the first draft of a novel.  NaNoWriMo is about writing, not about goodness, awfulness, or editing.  With only 30 days in the month, there is no time for quality.  December is the time to figure out solutions for character development, plot holes, and grammatical gaffes.

You can join us, if you want.  

My personal challenge this month is to write the book in two weeks, rather than a month, because on November 16th, they're gonna numb up my brain and take a hacksaw to my right hip joint.  I learned the last time around that, following surgery, creative thought doesn't happen for…