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The dogs are ready to move the household; the cat, not so much, really

No word yet on a closing date, but things are ticking along.
Meanwhile, back at the old house, we are accumulating boxes, and starting to pack things up.
The cat does NOT approve of this activity.

One-word description of my "happy-place": BARN. No other words needed.

Sky's barn plans arrived in the mail yesterday, and were waiting for us in the box when we returned home from meeting with Tony the Caffeine Junkie.
It's perfect! (click the picture to enlarge it)
Very humble, really, but completely practical. We'll be able to start with just a basic shelter for horses and hay, and expand in time to make it fancier.
I can hardy wait to get started!!!

Counting chickens prior to hatching...well, LEARNING about hens, at least!

A brief update on the mortgage situation before moving on to more interesting news:

Gary the financial genius has thrown in the towel, and Tony the Caffeine Junkie has picked it up again.

TCJ is highly motivated to close the sale on our house for the following reasons:
* the highpoint seller in his office gets a reserved parking spot close to the building.
* Much of downtown Everett is under major construction, and parking is extremely scarce.
* TCJ wears shinyshoes, and you know dang well that he doesn't walk more than two blocks in those suckers unless they're handing out free quadruple lattes.

I'm thinking that those shoes are my lock for this sale. TCJ thinks we can close in about 10 days. Yup, he's motivated.

Jim and I attended a very crowded lecture tonight at the Everett Public Library about Backyard Poultry Flocks. I was envisioning spraying hens with that white foamy stuff you put on Xmas trees, but apparently that was inappropriate. Hmmm.


lower interest rates + banks being more careful = slow money

Our sale closure will definitely be delayed, apparently, because there is so much traffic at the banks lately. Financial institutions are behind schedule. And so, now, are we. Bah.
No word yet on how long this will take. Hopefully, not too long...our lease at the old house expires March 31st, and we've gotta be out of there. I've got a bunch of boxes packed already, and I'm ready for somebody to just hand me the key and congratulate me. Instead, we wait. Bah, I say, and bah yet again.

Five days left until the sale is final--keep your fingers crossed for us!


A new game for Fiddle: you're gonna put a MARBLE in my WHAT????

Several months ago, while searching for a solution to PMS* ("Pissy Mare Syndrome") I stumbled across some well-hidden articles about veterinary Marbles.
"Marbles", thought I, "a term for a new medical device that controls estrus cycles in mares."
Well, yes, sorta.
Except that the medical device really is a marble.
Not a device shaped like a marble, or the size of a marble. Its...a marble.
It's a STERILE marble, meaning that the 30mm clear glass shooter was run through an autoclave and then industrially packaged to preserve the non-germiness.
But no matter how much medical research and technology is involved, the device remains a $.99 glass marble.
Of course, it takes a $100 vet appointment to insert the marble. So it's a really expensive marble. But it is, still, a marble.
I began my search for a solution for Fiddle last summer, when it became apparent that she was extremely uncomfortable during her heat cycles. The advantage to having ears nearly 12in…

All I need is seventeen syllables and a few giggles each day

Truthfully: if Rubbermaid had a BARN, I'd order one of those, too. Of this I am sure: Chickens have poetic hearts, prosaic bodies.

Without mentioning names (FIDDLE!!!), this cartoon reminds me of someone.

I'm pretty sure that we don't need to suggest this to Jim's dog Mimsy....

Tee hee. Not every day that I find a funny Star Trek/Farm cartoon!
See? This is why I think we should stick with LAYING hens on our small farm....

"Will they mow the lawn, too?" Vision of farm with a Chicken Tractor

We are now less than two weeks now from the scheduled closing date for our farm! WAHOOOO!

Jim and I are taking different approaches to the farming life.

I am pretty much focused on the horse part: where the fences will go, where we'll store hay before the barn is built, how soon I can move the horses onto our property, where the trail access points on the mountain are located, how I can build more access points and more trails. I'm wondering how many fence posts I can pound in an hour before work, and how much field fencing I can string in the time between arriving home from work and completely and utter darkness.
Jim is more of a generalist. He really wants a tractor, and he really wants chickens. Not coincidentally, he really wants a Chicken Tractor, which I originally thought had a lot to do with tractors and less to do with chickens. Turns out that it's just the opposite: a Chicken Tractor is bottomless, movable chicken pen. It's also an extremely low-tech way to clea…

Addicted to horses and riding. It's not so bad as Ecstasy....

Regarding the well educated-idiot who stated in a the Journal of Psychopharmacology that the drug Ecstasy should be downgraded to a level B drug (less dangerous than the current level A designation) because riding a horse is more dangerous and yet legal:

Here's my own take on it. Many years ago, Johns Hopkins University set up a 20-question survey to be self-administered by a person who suspected that s/he might be an alcoholic. I merely changed the word "drink/drinking" to "ride/riding".

You be the judge.
I've inserted MY answers below.
Do you lose time from work due to riding?
I actually think of the exchange as losing riding time due to work.

Is riding making your home life unhappy?

Only if I don't get to do it. If I don't ride, I'm not happy. If I'm not happy, ain't nobody happy.

Do you ride because you are shy with other people?

Shyness does not appear to be a problem for me.

Is riding a…

Across the street is a mountain, and on the mountain there are the TRAILS

It's kind of hard to describe the terrain surrounding our new home so that it sounds plausible.

I grew up in this region, and I'm used to two kinds of landscape: mostly flat farmland, and steep hills and mountains.

What I'm NOT used to is having a steep mountain located right across the street from mostly-flat farmland, but that's exactly the kind of terrain we have on Jim Creek Road: the elevation of the house is about 330 feet above sea level. Less than 3/4 mile
away is the peak of Ebey Mountain...1650 feet above sea level.

The google terrain map shows it best: Aross the street from our house is a mountain!

The reason that having a mountain nearby is such a thrill for me: on that mountain there are some old logging roads that will make SPLENDID riding! I can hardly wait to start exploring.

But waiting is something I will have to do for a while. Let me fritter away some of the time by posting pictures of the trails!

This photo shows the top of Ebey Mountain, including Ebey…

If I'm ever dying I'll buy a house: it makes time go dang slow!

Here's the weekly update from the title company.   
It means, basically, that the banks are busily doing whatever it is that banks do.  
But...we are still on schedule!
ALL TASKS1/2/2009  Open Escrow
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM1/2/2009  Order Title
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM1/5/2009  Request Payoff Information From Seller
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM1/7/2009  Send Title To Buyer/Seller
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM1/20/2009  Request Commission Disbursement Form Listing
by Nicole Minnick at 10:43:23 AM1/20/2009  Confirm Listing Broker CDF is In
by Nicole Minnick at 11:15:24 AM1/23/2009  Confirm Selling Broker CDF is In
by Nicole Minnick at 12:00:00 AM2/17/2009  Order Payoffs2/20/2009  Confirm All Payoff Demands are in2/20/2009  Contact Lender For Status Of Loan Documents2/23/2009  Receive Loan Documents2/25/2009  Send Estimated HUD To Listing Agent2/25/2009  Send Estimated HUD To Selling Agent2/26/2009  Make Seller Appointment2/26/2009  Make Buyer Appointment2/26/200…