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In which we pack everything up and head for the hills -- have a great week!


In which Fiddle visits Doctor Dear again and the garden greens up

A bit of "ketchup" before we head for Renegade ridecamp  at the end of the week.

A week or so ago, Fiddle had a re-check appointment with Dr. Fehr.  Spellcheck refuses to recognize our vet's last name, and constantly changes it to "Dear" which is rather apt.

We did the usual walk-out and trot-out.

(Wonderful Rebecca is at the wheel again, so I could film and not be a limping distraction)

Bottom line:  Fiddle is better.

Not ready to start Tevis, or anything.

But certainly sound enough to start increasing the duration and speed of the weekly rides.

Here's the vet's report, biggify to see deets.

"RH still swinging in-and-out, still jiggy but jogged okay.  Short RH when outside of the circle.  

We are back to the point we were at our first visit [June 2015].
Fiddle shows some sensitivity with pressure placed over the medial aspect of the lower hock joings.  Therefore we will keep in mind her hocks may need to be injected.  Will assess in early August and…

In which we celebrate the Gotcha anniversary of Foxie

This week marks Foxie Loxie PantsOnFire MacFeagle's  one-year anniversary at the Farm.

In this time, he has learned essential farm dog skills.

He now performs essential tasks in camp

 and at home.

He's an excellent companion,   

and he has learned things that city dogs don't even know are possible.

Happy Gotcha Day, Fox!

In which another Yule Log video is posted and we relax

The trails were especially pretty today.

The sun was shining (kinda), and it wasn't raining or cold or windy.  
I had gotten up early because it's hard to breathe when every plant in the world feels the Urgent Need to Pollinate. Heavily. Right. Now, and I didn't need to be at work until after noon.
So of course, I went riding.

Fiddle and I are up to about 90 minutes per session, and I'm starting to add in more trot intervals.  But it's still mostly walking.
And it occured to me, as we walked along these pretty trails on this pretty day, that listening to the clop-a, clop-a, clop-a, clop-a of her feet is pretty good medicine.

I got out the camera.

Call it a "Yule Log" video, if you like.  I was certainly thinking of lytha in Germany as I filmed the various segments, because she loves the Yule Log.
I think we could all use a little trail time, sometimes.  Just listening to the sounds of Fiddle striding along makes me happier.  I hope it makes you happy, to…