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In which the Cross-State Ride is almost done, and here are some photographs

 I'm at the point in this adventure where I run low on words.
 If you haven't been stalking on Facebook, I can only assure you that I WILL write a long post (or more than one post) to summarize all that has happened.

But for now, all I can say is, "it's so much fun, and so beautiful, and so difficult. And so worthwhile."

Here are some pix:

 Tomorrow will be a long day: we ride in the "Battle Days" parade here in Rosalia, and then trek 22 miles by trail to our last camp in Tekoa.

Nearly there!

In which Warden, Washington has bars and we are resting for today

Phone bars, that is. 
The trail from the I-90 trailhead to Wanapum Dam is very familiar to us--Fiddle and I completed an 80-mile endurance ride there in 2015.

However, familiarity did NOT make for an easy ride. Fee was a knucklehead almost all day, leaning hard into the bit and trying to run top speed. Since she is no longer in condition for that, I stood on the brake all day and was miserable.

So it took a LONG time to traverse the 24 miles,

and we were all tired and grumpy when we finally got to camp.

Lola and Darlene had such a miserable ride that Darlene decided they'd had enough and packed up to go home...

which left me homeless...but not for long!

We put my gear into Andrea's truck, my panels into Susie's rig, and my sleeping bag and pillows into Christine's motorhome.  And the next morning, we loaded the Dragon (and me) into Jeri's motorhome and took off down the road.

 Because I'm now bunking with the folks who leave camp in advance of the pack to open…

In which connectivity may be limited from this point onward

I'm writing this on my phone from a field near Kittitas, so please forgive the inevitable typos!

 We left from Easton, WA on Thursday, heading east on the converted rail-trail. So far we've stayed in Easton, Cle Elum , Thorp, Ellensburg, and now here, at the trailhead my friends know as the Milwaukee Rail Road Ridecamp.

In camp last night, the charging system on Darlene's trailer started acting up. It now works intermittently. 

But when it rains it's still way better than a tent!

Jim zipped over for a quick visit in Eburg. He hopes to bring me my FIXED truck/trailer next weekend!

We stopped at the Eagles Club in Kittitas for lunch.

In camp tonight, the Army (they own the land we camp on here) insists that horses be "double tied" for safety.

Laurie lives about 10 miles from camp. Such a treat to see her, and to finally meet her horse family!

Tomorrow we head down to the Columbia River, and I may lose all bars. So, maybe I'll be back online, but maybe not f…

In which I ride with lions and we break trucks (but I think we're done now)

We took the Reindeer to the shop for a routine tyranny flush and the mechanic said "Uh-oh."
So I called Darlene and asked to hitch a ride with her to the Cross-state Ride.
(My truck is fixable AND under warranty, but it would not be fixed in time to launch.)

So, that was the first truck.

Darlene was tweaking me for buying a Dodge instead of a GMC like hers. Then, hers gave a warning light and slowed to a crawl at the top of the pass.

We limped it to camp, and she called Triple A.

So, that was the second truck.

But the trailer needed a ride to the next camp. Triple A got a tow truck for that, too.  Then, the hydraulic system on the tow truck went out! So the tow truck and trailer went to the shop to get the hydraulics fixed.

And that was the third truck.

Triple A won't haul a rig with horses inside (US Rider will, though) so we decided that the Dragon and I would pony Lola down the trail to the next trailhead while Darlene coped with all things mechanical.

I cannot rememb…

In which it was a good news-bad news-good news-bad news kind of Tuesday

This post has no photos.  It also has no cuss words. You'll just have to use your imagination.
The truck was at the transmission shop for a tranny flush before we leave on the Cross-State Ride in two days.  But the mechanic opened her up and said "Uh oh."
You never want a mechanic to say "uh-oh."  
The Bad News:  The transmission needs work.  Maybe a lot of work.
The Good News: I bought an extended warranty for this truck, and it will cover most of the repair cost!
The Bad News:  The work might take a week.  We are supposed to leave on Thursday.
The Good News:  Darlene will let Fiddle and me carpool in her rig!
The Bad News: Darlene's rig will never be able to negotiate our driveway.
The Good News:  Darlene's rig can easily negotiate the driveway at Fish Creek.
The Bad News:  Fiddle is at home, not at Fish Creek--and my truck cannot haul her there because it's in pieces at the transmission shop.
The Good News:  I can borrow Duana's truck!
So the (new) …

In which I'll be gone for a while, so here's a place to find some good books

I'm always grateful to regular readers of this blog. But now I'll be away for a while.  What are y'all gonna read?

Well, I thought of that for you.


I wrote a post full of book suggestions.

Please visit the link (it's HERE) and "vote it up" for me, okay?

Did I miss your favorite book? Please tell me about it in the comments!

In which Santa Jim builds a special toy just for the Cross-State Trail Ride

Santa Jim has been busy!

I knew that I didn't want to put up and tear down a tent every night during the Cross-State ride.

Our tent is comfy, but it's a lot of bother for one person for one night--and we move almost every morning, so I'd be constantly messing with it.  No, thank you.

I *could* sleep in the back of the trailer, which is also pretty comfy

There are at least two days that we will have to portage horses inside the trailers, which would mean special set-up and break down of the bed to make room for the Dragon.  Nope, nope, nope. 

That leaves the back of the truck, which we've camped in during cold weather for years. 

The only drawback to that is that it's hard to get dressed in tights when you are balanced on the mattress!

A bunk in the back of the truck seems to be the perfect solution.

Jim took pictures of the whole process.

When I get home from the ride and need to use the truck for stuff like hauling gravel, 

we can pull out the bunk and take it ap…