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In which I don't ride my butt off and Fee doesn't run her shoes off (quite)

When I look at the pictures from the Mt Adams ride last weekend,  it seems like the ride was pretty strenuous.

I admit:  this is not an "easy" ride.  But that's not the whole story.
Here's the whole story:
I'm broke (because of the sudden death of the stupid truck) so ride-sharing was needful.  THAT was an excellent reason to team up with Kitty and Mak!

Mak is lovely.  He reminds me of all the things I loved about the Toad, without the fear of being boingitied into the ground at random intervals.  We ended up telling a lot of Toad Stories on this trip!  :-)

The weather forecast for the weekend was "warm and sunny."

As always, the horse camp at Mount Adams is a beautiful place to camp.

The trails were beautiful.  Crews had a huge job to

In which we're heading out early, so here's a few photos from the week

Fee has been farrier'd by my friend Mel for more than a year now.

Many years ago I promised then-farrier Ron that I would never feed my mare biotin, because he had broken 2 sets of nippers on her feet while taking that supplement.
So she's been off biotin since about 2010.  But, still

I unearthed an old Kodak camera this week, and took it for a tour around the yard.  

The red camera is now retired, because the colors are no longer true and the lens cap won't close anymore.  Sigh.  I'm gonna tow the old camera around for a bit, but it won't fit in my pocket, so it's a camp-only camera.

Elsewhere on the farm, Jim and Monica are making a new batch of beer.

Another Jim project:

 We're going to eat well in camp this weekend.

Wish us luck!

In which we prepare ourselves to hitch a lift to the Mount Adams ride

A few weeks ago it was becoming apparent that the  "Duana and Aarene go to Mt Adams Endurance Ride together"  plan was not going to happen.

Du very correctly decided that, although young Freya was physically fit enough to complete the 50-miler at Mt. Adams, they as a team weren't ready for the challenge.
This was a good choice for Du and Freya, but it left Fiddle and me (still broke after the stupid truck may-it-rot-in-hell ate all that money and died) without a ride-share to Trout Lake.
And then, along came Kitty.

"I've got tons of room in my trailer, and I'd love to pick your brain about endurance and Mount Adams on the drive," she said.
Well, okay then!
Today, we took Fiddle out for a quick loop with Kitty's horse Mak.

We walked, we trotted, we cantered*, we galloped.

We did the short upper loop so we would be able to load up Kitty's rig with all my junk and still have enough time for yoga/mountain biking (her) and brownie baking/farrier visit (me…