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In which the trails must be located and rescued and we all help out

We needed to haul the Dragon and the quad, plus a lot of tools  to camp for the trail party weekend.

The box works great, but it brings to mind the theme song from a certain 1960's era television show.

Our destination for all this stuff:  the Renegade Rendezvous ridecamp at Sawmill Flats, of course.

It was a long holiday weekend, and we had a bucket-ton of work to do.

Extensive logging on and around our trails left a huge mess.  We tidied up enough last year to hold the ride, but this year we need to do some serious excavation.

Marty and I saddled up and headed out early to scout the trail.

Trying to find the trails wasn't just difficult.

It was akin to trying to locate the shredded remains of your childhood home ... in Pompeii ...  following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

For the work-weekend, we had enough volunteers to run several work sites simultaneously--a welcome luxury.

In which I don't ride my butt off and Fee doesn't run her shoes off (quite)

When I look at the pictures from the Mt Adams ride last weekend,  it seems like the ride was pretty strenuous.

I admit:  this is not an "easy" ride.  But that's not the whole story.
Here's the whole story:
I'm broke (because of the sudden death of the stupid truck) so ride-sharing was needful.  THAT was an excellent reason to team up with Kitty and Mak!

Mak is lovely.  He reminds me of all the things I loved about the Toad, without the fear of being boingitied into the ground at random intervals.  We ended up telling a lot of Toad Stories on this trip!  :-)

The weather forecast for the weekend was "warm and sunny."

As always, the horse camp at Mount Adams is a beautiful place to camp.

The trails were beautiful.  C