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In which harvest season is here, and there are inevitable zukes

It's harvest-time on the farm, and visitors are always pressed into service when they arrive!

The only apples that are "ready" yet are the yukky ones (buggy or otherwise damaged), so Max and Anna gathered a bucket of those and delivered them to grateful goats.

 Fiddle got an apple too.  Good Dragon (mostly). 

Then, it was on to other crops:

Jim will be canning beans like crazy this week--this 10-gallon bucket isn't even half of the crop!
But first, the neighbor's heavily-laden golden plum tree needed my attention

This big bucket of plums yielded about 6 gallons of sweet golden plum wine, plus some delicious plum juice, which Jim canned for me.  Maybe we'll use it in cooking, and maybe we'll just drink it.

Will returned to the golden plum tree yesterday and picked another big bucket--more juice!

And of course, it's blackberry-picking time also.

I carry several blackberry-harvesting buckets in my truck so I can stop at my favorite place by …

In which we visit the Great White North and meet very Nice Brown Horses

I'm probably dating myself by referencing the classic Bob&Doug McKenzie skits on Saturday Night Live, but seriously, that's how Swamplandic Murkens where I live refer to our friends in British Columbia, which is less than an hour drive north of Haiku Farm.
Last weekend, we went there.
Not just to Canada. 
We went to the harness races at Fraser Downs!


Marga toured us around.  She's a mutual friend of Greener Pastures, the standardbred adoption agency that paired Fiddle and me together all those years ago.

First stop: the barns!

Marga introduced us to some of the drivers. 

 Everyone was so friendly, and happy to answer our "we-clearly-ain't-from-here" questions.

We figured that we wouldn't be able to touch any of the horses scheduled to race,

but we were wrong.

The last time that Ryan and I visited here, we asked about the gear hanging from the rafters.  We were thinking that they keep it up there to keep it out of the way, b…

In which bloggers collide twice in a single week, and there is sunshine

Lytha and I used to see each other all the time.  We didn't get to ride together much (because our horses were usually stabled on opposite sides of a very large Swampland county), but we participated in a lot of the same events, and sometimes we'd hang out and make soup and talk about horses when we didn't have horses close-at-hand.
Then, she fell in love with a wonderful man and moved to Germany (and she took her horse with her!).   Now we don't see each other so often, because she can only visit the American Swampland every 18 months or so, and my budget for European travel is, uh, pretty much non-existent.

But this week, Lytha came to visit...and I finally got to take her riding!

She has always been meticulous about car-washing (and truck-washing, and horse-washing), but this is a rental car.  I had to take a picture, because I've never seen her in a dirty vehicle before (except in mine, obviously)

It was great to see Lytha on a horse that wasn't one of the…