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In which we are given permission to GO! Slowly. Mostly walking.

I sent the trot-out videos to the vet yesterday, and last night she told me to increase the walking to 45 minutes,   plus 3-4 minutes of trot ON THE TRAILS!

Fiddle couldn't believe her luck when she saw me open the trailer door and come down to the pasture to get her.

She loaded right up, of course.  She practically grabbed the truck keys out of my hand in her haste to leave the property.

 And we headed out!

The forecasted sun did not shine, but who cares?

20 minutes walking.  3 minutes trotting.

Out to the bridge.

20 more minutes, walking back to the trailer.

When we got back to the trailhead

Life. Is. Good!

In which there's a rehab update on the Dragon and things are better

Rehab from lameness is, ideally, not very interesting.
Interesting almost always implies things going horribly wrong.

So, speaking from an "ideal world" perspective, Fiddle is doing great.  In other words, it's pretty boring.
Finally, starting this week, we get to trot a little!

But mostly, we walk.  Walking is good physical therapy, and gives us a little quiet time away from whatever else is happening on the Farm.  
"Nothing wrong with that!" sez me.

Today it was time to send an updated trot out video to the vet.  I figured y'all would want to see the's pretty visible (finally)!

First a traditional trot out-and-back.

Next, a side view.

You do remember which corner of this horse was broken, right?

(no fair peeking into past posts unless you're truly stumped)

Between the rest/confinement, the handwalking, the new shoes, and a huge bucket of tincture of time, there is improvement.

I'll let y'all know what the vet sez, but I am h…

In which there's an endurance ride, but there's also a lot of kindness

"Hey, if your horse is still lame for the April Daze Ride, do you wanna borrow mine?"

Paul has been a friend since we all took the Trail Master course together back in 2006.

 We rode the 100-miler at Mt Adams together in 2007, and kept each other awake with stories and songs and all kinds of nonsense, and we try to hang out at rides whenever we can manage it.
I'd never ridden his horse before.
I've never really ridden a gaited horse before, actually.
And, although Fiddle is definitely healing (25 minutes of walk under saddle per day PLUS 3 minutes of trotting now!) the April Daze ride was not on her schedule.

So, okay!

The entire weekend was full of people doing kind things for each other.  Paul offering me a good horse like Pete was just the beginning.  
We showed up at camp on Thursday, and talked with ride management.  We needed to take a shakedown ride, and they needed some more ribbons placed on the blue trail.

Out on the trail, we saw coyotes, white tail d…

In which there is a big move and the coffee pot is quite dubious

My folks are moving.
 They've lived in one of the most beautiful places in the entire Swampland for more than 20 years, but it's time to go.

Mom and Dad are excited about moving into town where they will be closer to friends and services.

But the coffee pot wasn't too sure about this move.

The coffee pot has always lived at the condo.  It couldn't think of any reason to leave.

The kitchen at the old condo was bright and cheery, and the electricity was steady and reliable.

What's not to love?

Sure, the new kitchen is bigger than the old one.

Sure, there are nice people here.

Yes, the walk in closet offers plenty of room.

And the rooms are new and shiny.

The bathrooms are spacious, and accessible.

The little patio is just the right size for a couple of chairs, a table, a cup or two, and a coffee pot.

And gradually, the kitchen filled up with friends.

In which we ride out on trails and the world is a (much) better place now

I have learned to value the time I spend working in an arena.

I will always love blue sky and dirt trails best.

I've been riding Fiddle for 2 weeks, at a walk, every night in the pasture.  It's better than nothing.  It's slightly better than the arena (although we are practicing our dressage-at-a-walk) because there is grass and a few trees to look at while we practice striding around soundly.
But when Duana and Patty invited me and Kaleaf to join them this morning

of course, I said yes!

Kaleaf was Deeply Dubious about crossing the creek at the Bracken trail.  I'm sure he crossed plenty of water in the past, but our best guess says he hasn't been on trails for at least 3 years...and it was his first time out with me.
There was a bit of drama.
Nobody died.  Nobody bled.  There wasn't even any cussing, although I did laugh a bit at his histrionics.  
And then, we crossed the creek.  (Backwards)

It was the best kind of day:

the kind where you get dirt stuck to t…