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In which our sn*w is gone at last, but we don't stop thinking about it

I think my dislike of iconic winter weather isn't so much learned as inherited. 

My parents didn't live in Whatcom County during the "Storm of the Century" in January 1950, but I'm sure they heard about the month-long inundation of freezing temps, broken pipes, disconnected power and phone lines, and cancelled school.  Certainly I heard about the hazards of bad weather when I was growing up there in the 1960's and 1970's....and was dismayed enough to develop my own healthy loathing for winter in the Swamplands.
 Today's issue of my hometown newspaper contains a thrilling account of the blizzard of 1950.   Jan Jursnich was only 15 years old and living in what we locals call "the north county" when the blizzard hit.  Years later, she very wisely moved to Davis, CA where, climate change notwithstanding, she is unlikely to have to cope with extreme winter weather.  She still remembers that winter, though.  I wouldn't be surprised if s…

In which we damn the sn*wpedoes, and head to the regional conference

Despite a bunch of that nasty white gunk on the roads, Jim and I were determined NOT to miss the Party of the Year.  We packed up our stuff
and hit the road! 
When we got south of Seattle, we saw evidence of the ice storm that didn't make up to our northern climes: But we arrived safely in Portland, just in time to join our friends at the Used Tack Sale.  I managed to off-load enough of the stuff we weren't using anymore to cover the cost of our hotel room!  (We had a LOT of stuff).
Susan and John Favro have run "Healthy as a Horse" for many years, but they want to retire now.  Their prices were fabulous, so I stocked up on a bucket of electrolytes and some other long-lasting stuff. 
(They are still holding a retirement sale at their website, click HERE to visit!) 
After the shopping is time for the meetings.  The hotel is "dog-friendly" so the floofs attended most of the meetings and lectures with us.
Jim is in the audience.  I'm secretary for…

In which we've lost Waldo, the chickens sink, and Pickles has some good fun

It's like one of those "Where's Waldo" pictures: 
Being stuck at home isn't all bad.  We didn't lose power until late afternoon, so there was plenty of time to write like crazy on the books. 

About an hour before sundown yesterday, the sky cleared up and we got realio-trulio sunshine--which makes for some awesome photos:

Lisa and Will (and Luna) enjoy rolling in sn*w...

...but chickens don't.  In fact, chickens sink.

I had to stomp down a scratching area for the hens so they could eat their dinner and not get stuck in nearly a foot of white stuff.

Jim did a little higher-tech sn*w-stompage to clear out the driveway...

...but here's the view of our road:

The county plows as often as possible, but they only need to make sure that emergency vehicles can travel safely.  More than an inch of compacted snow and ice is NOT safe for civilian cars and trucks.   S

In which the weather continues on with whiteness, to which I say "BAH."

Not much to say about the weather today, except:  BAH.

Yes, it's pretty.  But truthfully, it's always pretty here.  Mostly it's pretty green, especially the mossy, moldy, mildewy bits. 

I don't know what these red berries are.  They're pretty, and they aren't green.  Also, the birds won't eat them, not even the chickens.  The plant, like many other things around here, "came with the farm" and I haven't been able to kill it with neglect or the truck so far.  If I ever find out what it is (readers?  any ideas?) I'll go get a bunch of them: a bush that I can't kill is worth having!
I'm not the only one who dislikes the cold wet stuff.  Can you sense the disapproval of this apple? (it's the only one left on the tree, because Mimsy can't reach it!)
The dogs think this stuff is pretty fun, but it makes Pickles sneeze! Big sneeze + little dog = she frequently gets blown off her own feet, and then has to go chase a chicken to compensate…

In which the best-laid plans are somewhat waylaid by the stupid weather

I really shouldn't complain too much about the weather this year.  It's been wet, but not any wetter than usual, and it mostly hasn't even been very cold.  The trails are a mess, of course, but the logging roads have been just fine for riding.

As usual in winter, Fiddle and I have been taking lessons. 

We had a big set-back a few weeks ago, and it was almost entirely my fault:  instead of asking Fiddle to do something in the arena, I was ORDERING HER TO DO IT NOW.  The whole thing turned into a spitting contest, and nobody ever really wins those things. 
Sigh.  I should know better.  She really does TRY very hard for me, and when I get impatient it always takes longer.  So, it was two steps backwards, and we regroup and try again.
The problem is that, although she's forgiven me for MY bad behavior and I've forgiven her for HER bad behavior, she still worries that I'm going to start spitting again, and she's defensive.  And when Fee gets defensive, she gets n…

In which your lucky wishes are probably helping (so keep wishing!)

This morning when I got to work, I discovered that one of my delightful co-workers had left a charming little gift on my desk:

I had no idea, and I think she had no idea, that this little bauble is just slightly magical and more than a teeny bit lucky. 

But it definitely IS.

How do I know?


Funny you should ask!

The library was busy enough today that I barely glanced at my "personal" email during the morning shift, and I took myself for a quick walk during my lunch hour and didn't read any of it then.  It wasn't until mid-afternoon, when the rush slowed down a bit, that I glanced at my phone, expecting to see a few post-Xmas ads and maybe a note from Facebook saying that Patty was kicking my butt in Words With Friends.

There were, in fact, a few ads, and a note about WwF.  But there was another message, too.

From a publisher.

Now, before you go all squee, I'll tell you that I don't have an actual acceptance of the Endurance 101book proposal...yet.  

What the p…

In which it's that time again already: time to go shopping for PROM!

We had so much fun wearing our thrift-shop prom dresses at the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides' convention last year that we decided to repeat this experience...
And, off we went. 

Note that this is a HORSE-RELATED post:  we met up at Fish Creek Farm, and van-pooled to thrift stores together.  If you look carefully, you will see a horse through the front windscreen of the van. 

Our plan is always quite simple:  try on everything that looks interesting. 

We tried on dresses of all shapes,
...and sizes...

For the really good dresses, we all squoze into them.

We did stop for lunch.  Then...back to the thrift shops!  We still needed to find shoes

We also found some, er, supportive foundational garments.