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In which we finally get out of the driveway and go for a ride

The roads are mostly fine, but...
...the parking lots--including parts of the parking strip at our house, and the parking lots at the trailheads--are still awful. 

It was cold.

The ground was frozen, slushy, or slimy.

In the spots where the sn*w has melted, a cold wind whistled around the edges of my helmet.

Many of the trails are blocked by fallen trees and branches.

It was glorious.

Fee snorted and stopped at several tall piles of sn*w along the road away from the trailhead, but once we got on the single-track she put her ears up and her head down and off we went as if she'd been worked steadily for the last month, instead of having just one bareback-for-a-few-minutes ride in the pasture out of the entire month so far.

When we got back to the trailhead, I sussed the parking lot and wasn't happy:  sn*w and icy bits everywhere, not a clear single-track to follow up the hill to the road.  Grrr.   I put the Reindeer into 4x4 and off we went, just as if there was nice s…

In which the sn*w is almost gone, and I turn my gaze towards the Springtime

I wanted to do this last year.

The Cross-State Ride, sponsored by the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders Association begins in mid-May this year.

Last year, I was all set to do part of  it, and then the Dragon borked a tendon,

which sidelined us for months.

Now, the Dragon is Officially Retired From Endurance, which frees up a bunch of time (and some money) to do Other Stuff.

Stuff like...walk across the state!

I sent in my registration form and money yesterday. 
Jim and I are now brainstorming ways to streamline my camp setup, since I'll need to take it down and put it back up, single-handedly almost every day for two weeks.*

*Several people are also interested in attending the event, but I need to be sure I can do it by myself, just in case plans change.

So far, my plan is to set up a folding cot (or build one in place) in the bed of the Reindeer.  Then I can store my clothes and bedding and stuff in the truck and not have to move it around at all.

The ride organizers pro…

In which the only thing good about the weather is there's less of it

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

It's finally starting to melt.

We are starting to see colors other than grey and white, which helps, a little.

We've been able to get out and around on the roads now for almost a week.

Okay, no.  Four days.

Okay, no.  MY car was able to get out four days ago.  Jim's and Monica's were pretty stuck until Thursday.

I didn't even look at the forecast today until I'd gone for lunch with the Suspects (tea helps everything, but Thai soup is best for depression) and ridden my horse.

Then I looked at the forecast:

Somebody wake me up when it's April.

In which rain is always my preference when it comes to winter weather

Foxie Loxie is the only one on the farm who still thinks this white stuff is fun.

I haven't been to the gym in a week, and I haven't missed it, either:  there's too much work around here that requires lifting, carrying, and pushing heavy loads.

Yesterday, we finished all the chores with an hour or two of daylight to spare, and Monica and I were both getting stir-crazy.

"Let's get out the snowshoes!" she said.

So we did.

Um, the Dragon has never seen these foot contraptions before, and she was suspicious.

She followed us around the pasture for a while

...and then, she decided that I had wasted enough time tromping around. 

It was time for me to do something about this white stuff in her pasture!

My mom asked if she rampages like this all day.  The answer is "no."

When I'm not there as an audience, she spends hours sulking near the gate, moving between her pile of hay, the water tank, and her pouting place.

She puts on the show for me, to try to mo…

In which I'm not the only one who disapproves of ongoing sn*w

A few days ago, I waded out to the middle of the pasture  to take a picture of our house covered in sn*w,  but something kept walking behind me and blocking the light.

Today, things look different.

The Draconic Rampage (TM) continues.

And there you have it:  the reason I don't just "hop up on my horse and ride around the pasture."

Well, that and I'm not a big fan of sitting on her big soggy purple blanket.  It's dry on the inside, but I have to swap out blankets every day or two when the weather is so wet and white.  The barn aisle is full of frozen blankets right now.

The chickens disapprove as well.

We have less of the stuff on the ground than we did a few days ago, but it's falling again--and the whole region is prepping for a major Sn*wpocalypse.

The forecasters have been busy.  Apparently, the sn*w falling today is just the beginning--and there is at least one, possibly two or more, storms incoming.  My library closed early today (I had the day off anyhow),…

In which it's still here and glaring at it doesn't seem to get it gone

Make it stop!!!!

lytha in Germany referred to the "map of school sn*w closures", and she's right:  at 3" of white stuff, we shut down the entire county.  Both King and Snohomish Counties are essentially closed down today--no schools, no libraries, busses on reduced schedules. 

I heard that the feed store in Everett opened today and people who hadn't planned ahead sufficiently were all but dogsledding in to pick up pellets and propane this morning.

Foxie Loxie thinks that sn*w is wonderful fun.

Fiddle obviously spent time outside last night.

Clean, dry, heavier blanket on, and out she goes into the wild white yonder.

 First stop: