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In which I start the day with some words which I will not repeat in this space

We were SUPPOSED to go riding this morning.

I can't won't haul the trailer in this stuff!  Dubious chickens are dubious about walking in it.
 I trompled down a food corridor for the hens.  They don't want to risk sinking up to their wings and getting stuck, even though there's only about 3 inches on the ground.

 Mimsy graciously sat still for a photo.

Pickles and Luna did not WANT to sit still! Especially Pickles...

The sun clears the mountain to the east around 8:30am.  Before that, the sky is light but there's not a lot of color.   Look what the new camera can do with real light!

This is with the camera set on "normal", no extra tweaking or special settings.  Oh, hey:  the video capture is better too!

Fiddle doesn't share her hay with anybody, especially not goats!

Hana is much more amenable. 

Sure, it's pretty.

I can't wait until it's GONE.

In which the rain (temporarily) subsides, and we play ketchup games

The ground was still soggy, but Dory and I went riding yesterday anyhow. 
We ride on armored logging roads in winter, so the mud isn't a problem, but the epic rain from earlier in the week is still evident--there were several stretches of road that are still under a few inches of water.  Lower-lying parts of the county are flooded, but the creek in my yard drained away within 24 hours.  Whew.  Fiddle prefers to follow, but we did take the lead up a big hill.  She likes Spot (as much as she likes anything) but she didn't mind leaving Spot at the bottom of the hill and trotting away.  It is marvelous to have a horse who isn't herd-bound, even if that means she's a nasty dragon instead.

 Fiddle did try to kick Spot once, but Spotty is a clever, clever horse.  She was watching, and dove for the ditch, handily dodging my bad mare's badness.  Bad Mare got soundly reprimanded, and then went back to work--no rest for the wicked, sez me!

 Mostly, though, Spot and Dory set a qu…

In which the rain-rain-rain comes down-down-down in epic, wet, quantities

Sing with me! Wintertime And the swimmin' is easy.

Fish are jumpin And the water is hi-iiiiigh
Oh, your daddy, he Splish And your mama's a-Splash-in So hush, little baby Don't you cry.
Oh, one of these mornings You're gonna rise up swimming. Spread your webby-toes and you'll head for the (Swamp) But until that morning There's a-nothing can harm you With daddy and mammy treadin' water nearby.

This morning when I went outside (with my new camera in my pocket) I was very surprised to find a creek running down the side of our property.  Our property has never had a creek before.
My first thought was that a well-pipe had cracked, and was gushing.  The amounts were surely too copious for rain runoff....right?
I turned off the the well pump, and waited half an hour...and the gushing didn't stop.  Thus, I deduced that it wasn't wasn't the well.  If not the well, then, what? 
I tracked the water gushing further uphill.  An artesian spring?  My experience with ar…

In which we go for a walk, say goodbye to a camera, and bark

Today was the last day of a cold/wet/clammy winter holiday weekend, so you KNOW what that means:  time to go geocaching.

 We gathered a bunch of the Usual Suspects and headed into the mud to see what we could find.  The trail is the Boulder River Trail, which we last explored in October 2011 with Duana, Jason, and Selah.
This trailhead is close to home, so we really should visit it more than we do.  It's very pretty at all times of the year--in October, there were maple leaves changing colors.  Today, the predominant colors were moss green and cloudy grey.  And, uh, white.  As in sn*w.  
It was scattered along the sides of the mud--hikers have long sinced mashed it into the gloop.  Lovely.  Bah.  
We weren't there for the weather, fortunately, because the weather wasn't terrific (although it didn't rain...uh, much...). 
The company is good, and the trail is pretty, and we did find one of the five geocaches stashed along the route.  Mostly, geocaching is an excuse to get ou…

In which we don't celebrate the holiday with the candy hearts here

I've got a longtime complaint against Valentine's Day.

I figure, if the people that I love do not know that I love them, every day, every moment, then I've got problems that a bunch of flowers and candy hearts on the 14th of February is not even going to touch.

I've boycotted VD for years (although Jim, bless his delightful soul, continues to "end run" around me--he sent me flowers on February 13th, so I could be thrilled with the flowers and not cranky about Valentine's Day). 

Instead of Valentine's Day, here at Haiku Farm, we celebrate Story Day.
On February 14th, 1994, I bought my very first, very own horse.  She was a 7-year old nondescript brown-bay standardbred mare with a head like a boot-box and no talent whatsoever on the racetrack.  Her owner had abandoned her at the track, and she was expected to sell to the meat buyer at the end of the week;  I showed up the day before the meat truck, guided by a knowledgeable horse friend.

My friend picked…

In which "Clipping the Dragon" sounds more exciting than it really is

Katie and Hannah came over this morning to "help" me clip the Dragon so she can stay cooler during our early-spring training rides.   If you were reading this blog last year at this time, you will understand why I need help. I am terrible at clipping! If you weren't, HERE is the ugly proof that I did right by staying out of cosmetology school.  Suffice to say, I didn't do much clipping today...and thus, my horse doesn't appear to have been chewed by rats.
 We brushed off the most obvious mud

The beauty of having a dark brown horse in the Swamplands is that she doesn't show the dirt.  The downside is that the dirt is still there, it's just harder to find...unril you run clipper blades over it.

 Fiddle is so well-behaved in the cross-ties that Hannah's assistance wasn't needed, so she wandered around the yard with the camera.

 Hannah thinks Hana is very sweet.  Hana thinks Hannah is very sweet.  Together, they are pretty danged cute.
 Meanwhile, Katie w…