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In which we are couch-surfers, become shiny, and go riding with Sky

Monica and I have become the vendor equivalent of couch-surfers.

Our small-time publishing display needs are (thus far) pretty tiny.  We don't need a double-booth to sell Endurance fact, we don't even need an entire table. 

Sharing space with other equine vendors has been a great way to shine our unusual spotlight on worthy businesses, while learning the secrets of the the trade from experts.  We knew that we were learning lots from the American Trail Girlz. That made us even more eager to learn from Brent and Carole Skill, local representatives of Ansur Saddles.
And it was really fun!  Tiring, but fun. Our weekend didn't start with Complete Auspiciousness:  we were already in Oregon when Monica's phone chimed the 26 messages (only a slight exaggeration, I swear) from her husband:  she'd left her suitcase at home.

But hey.  We are not women who lack resources.

Soon enough, we were mixing it up with our friends from the Pacific Northwest Endurance R…

In which being a vendor is hard and I sound like a Volkswagon

I don't care that the Ford F450 engine supposedly does most of the work.

Driving to Nevada and back is hard.  Having two drivers makes it easier...but not easy.

Also, unloading a whole store's worth of stuff:  hard.
We had help loading in, thanks to Gail--I seriously don't know how the American Trail Gear girlz ever manage to move their store into convention sites all by themselves.

There is a TON of stuff to sort and face and make pretty.

And yet, they are still smiling when the opening bell rings.

Amazing...and admirable.  And even though some customers are not really going to buy stuff,

they are truly happy to spend time talking with everyone who stops by the booth.  I never realized how much energy that takes.

By comparison,

being a convention speaker is EASY.

Part of the easy-ness is sheer familiarity:  I've been a public performer since childhood.  Talking to crowds is fun for me.

Granted, I woke up at 2am the morning of the presentation and realized that I h…

In which we shop, eat, talk, play, lather rinse repeat, a disjointed post

We've been working our tail feathers off here at the AERC Convention. This post is a little scattered because I'm trying to cover all the bases without actually being organized. Somehow, that never works out as splendidly as I think it should. Go figure.

Sherri and Diana have been instructing me in the fine art of being a convention vendor.  It's hard work!  I think I'm not actually a "natural" at it, but I'm learning a lot.

We are endurance riders, however:  food is fuel, and we refuse to run out of fuel!

And then, there's the shopping.   Funder is looking for a Specialized  Saddle.  Anybody got one for sale?

 And then again with the eating.

I conducted an Endurance 101 seminar in a GIGANTIC room (think: Olympic swimming pool).  It was a pretty good session.

The audience worked hard to make it good, and I always appreciate that.

Merri and Funder helped to demonstrate how to teach vet check and trot-out techniques when there's no horse availabl…

In which I go for a little wander, and look for art on the way

Clear skies this morning, after a gusty-windy night in Reno...
and I was dying to get out and wiggle today!
Sherri and Diana wanted to relax and gamble, so I pointed the Christine at the Nevada Museum of Art and let it show me the way.

Alas, like most museums, this place doesn't allow photography in the galleries, so I can't share photos on the blog.  If you want to see what I saw, visit the link above.

The best horse art (aside from the Deborah Butterfield horse above) is in the "Work Ethic in American Art" gallery on the third floor, which is not featured on the museum website.  Too bad.  There's some neat stuff there.

Since I can't share that part of the day with you, I will share photos of the public art I saw while I was walking.

 Some art was clearly chosen by a committee.

Other pieces were the vision of a single artist.

 In Reno, artwork can also be


 ...or just hysterical.

Or, just for fun.

 Or, just for pretty.

Or, just because.