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In which a Bored Dragon is a Naughty Dragon (and now there's a fence)

Apparently, the Dragon got bored. This is not a good thing.
She has lived at Haiku Farm for more than ten years, and in all that time has pretty much ignored Goatenheim, the goats' fenced enclosure.
Until a few days ago, that is, when she decided to find out if it's really true about the grass being greener. 

Lacking anything else on her social calendar, Fiddle squoze herself through the narrow gap between the big post and the t-post, and proceeded to munch the grasses of Goatenheim.  I found her within, escorted her out, and then built the goat-door in the photo above:  newly narrowed, with strings to prevent tall people--and Dragons--from entering.

"Still bored" said the Dragon.  So, last night she decided to paw at the fence to try to knock it down.

Fortunately, a bored Dragon is not a stupid Dragon.

When she discovered the extent of her stuck-ness, she stood still and waited for me to come extricate her.

Which I did.  In the dark.  Because I forgot to grab my flash…

In which I make a list and check it twice before a long horseback trip

The Dragon and I had so much fun on the Cross-State Ride this Spring that we're gonna do it again this Fall.

Last Spring's adventure was so much fun, I wanted more.  Not three weeks more--I don't have that much vacation time saved up.  But the Fall Ride sponsored by the John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders is five days of camping and four days of riding, and I do have vacation time saved up to cover that.  This time, Jenni and her horse Piglet will be joining us.
However, even with tons of experience with distance riding, I still don't just hop into the rig and drive to the rendezvous spot without a bunch of planning and organizing.  And, given the weather is so soggy, I guess the time for planning is now.

The puzzle bunk is already loaded into the truck and ready to go.  This arrangement gives me plenty of room for 3 weeks worth of supplies--when I'm gone less than a week, I feel like a pea in a coffee can.  But it's wonderful to have lots of room high-and-dry,…

In which we meet new friends on the trail, and we ride down to the river

"Hey, we're gonna ride down to the river.   You wanna come with us?"

"Um.  Yeah.  Sure!"

And, off we went.

There isn't time to spontaneously join in with a couple of people you've just met if you're conditioning for an endurance season.

At least, there wasn't time when the Dragon and I were conditioning.

Now that my horse is retired from competition, all the urgency to condition and train and get miles behind is is gone.

We can just go.  And we do.

Sometimes we go fast.  Fast is fun.

Sometimes we go slowly.  If we go slowly, we might see chanterelles...or lobster mushrooms.  Or some other treasure.

Sometimes we go alone...and now, if we want, we can ride with people who also aren't training for anything.  We can even ride with people we don't know.  And it's okay.

We talk about all kinds of things, but mostly we talk about horses and riding.

Three women, three mares, and a dog.  A sunny day, a nice trail, good conversation, a cool wal…