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In which we explore ten more tips for endurance riders (green or not)

Mel recently posted "10 Best Endurance Tips" on her blog (HERE),  and I was inspired--not to correct her, because she's got excellent stuff there,  but rather to add to her list.

Here are my Top Ten Tips
1.  Start with what you have: The horse you already ride, the saddle you already ride in, the clothes you already wear, the rig you already drive.  Your needs may change as you go along, and your priorities may change also.  Don't blow your budget on Day 1.  Save your pennies to fix or replace stuff that isn't working.
2.  If it isn't working, stop doing it.  Just because your gear or training or habits or whatever has always worked in the past, do not assume that exactly the same stuff will work in the future. A new horse will bring new challenges; a familiar horse in new situations will have new needs.  If there are big changes in your life, your riding may reflect them.  Stuff changes.  Adapt and improve.

3.  You don't know what you don't know.  Look for…

In which our Swampland is HOT so we do what we always do (we ride)

Summer temps in the 90's are too hot  for most Native Swamplanders, including me.

But if we get up early enough, 

and hit the trail while the sun is still waking up

we can make it to the river

before we scorch,

or broil,

or burn.

So, that's what we've been doing.

Even when it's not-as-hot, the river is still a nice destination.

Where do you go when it's too hot to be anywhere else?

In which AERC folks have an opportunity to fix things

It's not exactly being shouted from rooftops, but the AERC Board is scheduled to meet this weekend.
On the agenda:  discussion of the Dennis Summers case.

If you want to refresh your memory of posts on the topic from this blog, they are here:
Thursday, June 9 "a mistake is made..." Friday, June 10  "text of the P&G committee findings" Saturday, June 11  "an expert adjudicator"

Pertinent points that I think need to be, um, pointed out:
*  This was a verbal disagreement between two adults.  Most witnesses say that there was little or no physical contact between Dennis and the other guy.  They yelled at each other.  (In my world, that's called "using your words.")
*  The grievances were not brought by Dennis or "the other guy" but rather, by third parties.  Because that makes sense?
*  Two guys argued.  One guy got punished.  The other guy was given first place.  Because that makes sense?
*  There have been accusations that members o…

In which my little brother gathers the clans for a celebration

I guess most people get dressed up more than once or twice a year-- like for church and concerts and stuff?

Somehow, I am almost always able to avoid the whole "dress up" thing, with a few notable exceptions, like the annual PNER Convention.

However, there was a fancy dress-up occasion last weekend 

and I had no desire to miss it:

It was like a party and a family reunion and a feast all in one place.

Plus: dancing!  I love dancing.

In which I go riding, and nothing interesting happened (but : pretty!)

It's August, and it's HOT in the Swampland-- the perfect time to ride down to the river!