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In which Hallowe'en is almost here, and I share a "new" ghost story

I tell a lot of lies.  
When you're a storyteller, lying is part of the job.  This time of year, which we refer to as "Storyteller's High Holy Month," there's a lot of demand for my kind of lying.  I've done a lot of live storytelling gigs recently, and on Sundays in October we feature all kinds of scary stories on the radio, culminating in the Annual Scary Stories Radio Program on the Sunday morning prior to Hallowe'en. 
Here's a link to a story from last year:  2011 Scary Story: Prom Night Here's an older story:  2010 Scary Story: The Dare In 2009, I recorded two horse-ghost-stories:  2009 Scary Stories: Ghost Horse and Devilment
And now here's a story for this year.  I'll probably tell it on the radio Sunday, if you want to listen--we air live on KSER fm  from 9 to 11am on Sunday morning.  T0 listen to the show even if you aren't local:  visit THIS LINK within two weeks of the program air date, and select it from the menu.  Isn'…

In which we go to a ride prepared for rain, and it surely does rain

This is the first time I've been camping since we got rid of the camper, and I was eager to try out the newer, slimmer version of ridecamp.  
Jim and the kids stayed at home:  this trip was just for Fiddle and Luna and me.
The original plan for Foothills of the Cascades was to meet my friend Sky in camp, with her bringing her experienced horse Cricket for me to ride, and Cricket's 6-year-old filly Trinket for herself so that Trink could be "sponsored" by her mom on her first long-distance event.
It's good to have a plan.  If you have no plan, you have nothing to crumple up and throw away.  
Two weeks ago, Cricket's intermittent glitchy gait was diagnosed as a minor suspensory pull--not a career-ender, but definitely an injury that takes her out of the ride. 
The revised edition of the plan was that Sky and Trinket would meet up with me and Fiddle at the ride.  
Then the weather moved in:  Rain, and lots of it.  Also wind.  And more rain. The rain is actually …

In which I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today

Wanna read the sneak peek?

The book is almost ready to launch. Monica has been working her wing-feathers off 

to put carefully crafted photos 

matched up with captions and placed within the text of the book.   And it's almost ready!

Can't stand the wait?  How about a free preview?  

Visit our BRAND NEW WEBPAGE,  and leave your email address on the RELEASE LIST.  You can also send an email here:  We want to know what format you prefer to read (print, Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc), so we can sent you a note when it's ready.  We promise not to send you any junk email.
After you've sent us a note, click the link to the FREE SNEAK PEEK... and enjoy!

(It sure would be nice if you'd leave a comment back here on the blog when you've read the free stuff.  Authors and publishers really groove on that kind of stuff!)

See the book!

In which Hana is a tripod, and we walk in sunshine (just in time)

When I met with Monica last week, 
she had all kinds of thrilling updates on the publishing process of the Endurance 101 book.
But she still needed a few photos to fill a few holes.

...the Usual Suspects had a "walking ride" scheduled the very next day to take some newbie horses out on the trail.  PERFECT!

Hana is a pretty good "tripod horse".
The horses, except for Fee and Hana, are all a bit out of shape, so we just walked...through the woods, up and down some hills, over a bridge, with a brief potty-stop in the clearing.

All good practice for young horses...and good photo ops for Monica!

We timed our ride perfectly--I got notice this evening that all of our usual trails are CLOSED to recreational riders by the DNR because of high fire danger.  We've got rain forecast for next weekend--hopefully, the woods will remain spark-free until then!