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In which we're going to camp, and it's always the best week of the year!

Monica and Luna are staying home to mind the farm, but everyone else (okay, not the chickens) (and not the goats) (or the cats) is packing up to head to Renegade ridecamp.

We'll probably have a little connectivity this year in camp, so you can haunt Facebook if you want to see photos from the trail.  Or you can just tread water for a week and we'll bring the stories home to share.

Have fun while we're gone!

In which Foxie Loxie has a few words about shoes (he won't wear them)

Foxie Loxie PantsonFire MacFeagle doesn't see the point of shoes.

He's kinda vague on the whole "horse shoe" concept.  But since I took the photos, he's gonna narrate the process.

First, Auntie Mel comes to the barn and kisses me because I am a dog and I am awesome.  

Then I bark and run around while she does stuff with things  It's all very exciting.

She does a thing with the thing, and I watch.  Quietly, I watch.  So quiet.  Shhhh.  No barking.

I am not allowed to bark or run or grab bits of hoof while Auntie Mel is working.  

I sit and wait and think about hoof.

MmmmMMMM.   Hoof.

Have you tasted hoof?  It's amazing.  

After she does a thing with the thing, Auntie Mel makes big noises by hitting the thing with a heavy noisy thing.

I am not allowed to bark at this, which totally doesn't make sense.  Everybody makes noise but me?  So not fair.

When she's done hitting the thing with the heavy noisy thing, Auntie Mel plugs in the buzzing thing, and makes nois…

In which we welcome something familiar and there's a garden update

I am not gentle with cameras.

I break cameras.  I lose them.  I expect them to function unimpaired.
I carry cameras in pockets, I dangle them from my wrist.  I shove them in a pack with dirt and crumbs, and then carry them for hundreds of miles that way, pulling them out into the rain to snap a few shots before cramming them back in with the dirt and crumbs, and oh, maybe a moldy carrot or two.
The red camera survived almost 3 years of abuse before the lens cover got bent somehow (don't ask me, I'm sure it had nothing to do with my careful care and the pristine circumstances of my life).  
I tried to "make do" without a camera.  I have a relatively new phone, and it takes pretty good pictures.  But the process of transferring photos from my phone to the blog is slow and clunky, and using the phone as a camera sucks up battery that I really should be saving for things like the GPS, and maybe even for emergency phone calls.
So, for about 2/3 the price I paid back in 201…

In which we play along with a blog hop, and you readers can play too

No new, cool photos of bears today,  so I'm going to join a blog hop.   This one originated with Rocking E Cowgirl and I picked it up over at Dom's blog.

You can join the fun by inserting answers in the "Comments" section below, or by doing a copy/paste to your own site.

1.  What is your earliest, clearest horse memory?

I'm sure there were "pony rides" at the fair, but my earliest clear memory is riding double with my dad at Ocean Shores.  The horse we had (a grey) plodded out to the turn around point and then...well, you know.  Took off like a rocket towards home.

As far as I can recall, we stuck.  I must have been 4 years old or so.

2.  Describe the perfect summer day.

Years ago, Madeline and Jill and I rode horses down to the river.  The water was low and slow and warm--probably not more than 4 feet deep.  We tied the horses to trees in the shade, took off our helmets and halfchaps and boots and dove in fully-clothed.  Lycra tights dry fast on hot days :-)


In which a busy day on the trail lets us see lots of different stuff

Duana has been spending lots of time with young Freya,  teaching her how to cope with unusual stuff we might see on the trail.

There was all kinds of great stuff for that kind of practice on the trail today!

First up:  a gathering of Search and Rescue dogs, out for a training exercise.

"Your horse is pretty," said the handler.  "My dog is young and will probably bark.  I hope that won't bother your horse too much."

"Barking doesn't bother my horse at all," I told her (we live with the never-silent Floof siblings, after all).  "Would you like to practice with your dog?  We're happy to help!"

So we did.

Considering my horse was a confirmed dog-hater a few years ago, this was a huge stride.  However, Fiddle takes seriously a charge to teach young things how to behave and she was quiet and perfect.  She did beg for a few cookies, which were provided.

Happiness all the way around.

There were lots of bikes out today also.  One zipped out …

In which I ride and it doesn't rain and no: we aren't bored with riding

A well-intentioned person at work the other day asked, "Don't you get bored, just riding that same horse all the time?"

I grant that our rides are less exciting these days than in years past, mostly because the Dragon is a Grown Up Pony now, and much less inclined to make the day interesting by spooking at monsters (real or imagined).

We aren't conditioning right now so much as just keeping the wheels on straight--for horse and rider.  Our trail rides are a chance for her to see terrain away from the home pasture, to spend time with creatures other than the goats, and to pick up her feet and blow the dust out of her moving parts.

For me, our rides serve as an opportunity to think about stuff that has nothing to do with my job, my garden, and the rest of my "mundane" life.

On the trail, I sing songs, look at birds, and try to remember where that teeny trail used to be....

In theory, our weekly rides are training exercises for competitions.  

And truly: I had…