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In which a dental appointment is a Piratical Occasion

Fiddle and Hana know the drill...uh, literally.

"Auntie Sarah!" says Fee. Fiddle never remembers why she enjoys spending time with Auntie Sarah. The sedative probably has a lot to do with that.

It is one of my life's delights to take photos of my Gigantor when she is under the influence.

Open your mouth and say"flabbita flabbita flabbita."

Auntie Sarah is known professionally as "Dr. Sarah Metcalf, DVM." She is an equine dentist whose horse trailer is a rolling dental office, which she pulls around the Pacific Northwest, delivering pretty horsey smiles.

Hana's "party girl" metabolism resists sedation. She requires significantly more than Fiddle!
Finally: "I'm not as THINK as you DRUNK I am, Doc."A little dental floss to finish the process, Pretty Puss. Fiddle needs to walk it off. We sing as we walk: "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?"

And while we're at it, we recruit another Pirate to the crew: Welcome, Pir…

In which we see some unusual sights, and name the newest Pirate

Our Fishy Friends were impeded in their efforts to ride today by several things: Katie got a job, (hooray!) Dory's horse lost a shoe (boooooo!) and Patty and Sirie got run over by the Snot Fairy (ewwwww!)
But the newest addition to the Pirate Nation Endurance Riders team did join me! Connie's mare Khari supposedly has a lot of the same grouchy-bitchy issues that Fiddle has. Harumph. Fiddle says, when it comes to being a g-b, Khari is an amateur.
Falling asleep at the trailer....

At the top of our picture-taking hill.

We could see the Olympic Mountains from our vantage point, but the camera doesn't show them very well. We actually had some blue sky (!!!) as well. Further along the trail, a big honkin' clearcut and Lake McMurray in the distance

(the lake is under the handle of Connie's crop)

See? Khari is falling asleep again!

I've seen this lovely sculpture before, but the last time I was here, the "monument" rocks weren't.

Yeah, I guess it's been …

In which we go to the convention for business, parties and treasures

Time at last for the annual Gathering of the Clans, also known as the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides conference: the convention of our regional endurance riders!
Business first: the meeting of the 2010 PNER Board is held Friday afternoon. This isn't a very fun event, it's mostly work. Next year we've promised to serve rum in order to boost attendance by board members and also to make the meeting more...interesting....

Jim serves on the Board as a Washington State rider rep, and he's also the head of the Education Committee, which is really important work and not very glamorous. The position requires a lot of time and energy all year.

In contrast, I serve as the organization secretary, and as the Junior Advisor. That means I only have to work 5 or 6 hours per year, and spend the rest of the time hanging out with kids. No wonder Jim likes to help me with my PNER obligations--they are mostly fun!

I do head the Scholorship Committee, which sometimes is a little mor…