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In which we get together for good company and needleages

"Bring all the dogs, I'll bring the needles!" said Patty. So we did.

Patty has been taking acupuncture classes to expand her veterinary practice.   She has a bucket-ton of homework.

Part of the homework is practicing with needles and dogs.

So, she brought the needles.

She also brought the books, and she's not afraid to use them.

Patient Number One is Rudy, a 7 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback with front-end lameness.

Here's what Patty has to say about Rudy:  He has a Metal Constitution.  He also displayed "heat seeking + pulse weak on left = yin deficiency, and lavender tongue = stagnation.

Yes, his tongue really was lavender.  No, the camera couldn't catch that.

She treated him with GV-20 for calming (that was the forehead needle).  Then, SI-9 both sides as a master point for forelimb pain--those were needles in his shoulders.  And finally,

LI-4 to clear stagnation.  A "Metal" dog responds well to Liver / Large intestine meridian points, so that ac…

In which "Hoth" is not just a snowy place in Germany anymore

lytha in Germany has been suffering from Too. Much. Sn*w.

I, of course, consider any of that white stuff to be too much.  That's why I live in a Swamp:  it almost never happens here.

But sometimes, it does.

Fortunately for everyone, the calendar today was empty of obligations.  I did miss out on having Sunday soup dinner with my parents, but that's something I will easily re-schedule.

It was the perfect type of sn*w for a sn*wman...err, sn*whuman.

But mostly, it's all about working to get rid of the white stuff.

Jim listed his "furrikens" on Facebook this afternoon:

Furr I ken clear the driveway, I need to start the tractor.  Furr I ken start the tractor, I need to charge the battery and warm the oil pan.  Furr I ken charge the battery I need to find the battery charger.  Furr I ken warm the oil pan I need to find the block heater.  Furr I ken plug those in, I need two extension cords....

Sure, it's pretty.

But Fiddle is not a fan.  She refused to pose or romp …

In which we celebrate the life of Luna, our most beautiful dog

Luna Fishandnoodles, 2004 - 2018