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In which we rev up the Wayback Machine and support our favorite book

I'm told that gift-shopping for equestrians is a big challenge for non-equestrians.

The tack stores are full of ... stuff.
The catalogs are full of ... stuff.
"Is any of that stuff useful? Do you need that stuff?  Do you want that stuff? Is it good stuff?  Who can know?" wails the frustrated non-riding spouse, parent, child, or friend of a horse lover.
Here's a suggestion:

Monica shot these photos of Santa Jim and "Jingles" (aka Ariana) to promote the original release of the Endurance 101 book in 2012.

These days, Monica is busy painting chickens, Santa Jim is busy in the studio, and the book...well, the book became hard-to-find this year.
We were having problems with the printer and the distributors, and for a while we just threw up our hands and went riding.
But, I'm pleased to say that, just in time for the holidays, the book is back!

Need to convince your non-horsey spouse/parent/child/friend a little further?

Direct them to the FREE CHAPTER of Enduran…

In which we gobble again and journey back in time (with horses, too!)

We have many parties at Fish Creek Farm.  
Most of them look something like this:

Today, there was something extra happening during the party:

Fear not, Loyal Readers!  Hana has done this before!

Hana loves these games.  And, apparently

she is willing to help everybody play!

The learning curve was steep--and fun.

When Katie started getting tired, she loaned Whiskey to Monica.

We had so much fun, in fact, that we're gonna do it again!  Watch this space for details.

In which Thanksgiving is great, and opting outside is pretty great too

Ours was a Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn't be beat:
Turkey from Mel, roasted vegetables from our gardens,  stuffing from Alison, pies from my mom. Ten people, lots of talking and laughing, lots of food =  a great holiday.

The dogs aren't allowed to have turkey, stuffing, or pie, but they do get special treats for the holiday:

Then on Black Friday, while most of America stood in line to buy wafflewashers at Tarmart, or trolled for parking at the maul, Fiddle and I Opted Outside.

We took Flower

and Patty

outside with us.

It was not a strenuous ride.

But, it wasn't raining, and it wasn't freezing, and the trails weren't crowded.

And, bonus:

we found ingredients for the Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Feast on Sunday.
I hope your Thanksgiving table was laden and surrounded by friends.  If you're in the Swamp this weekend, why not bring some food to the annual Re-Gobble party at Fish Creek?  
We'll see you there!

In which I make some shopping suggestions for Small Business Saturday

Apparently, "shopping season" is just about to begin.

As I have posted (often) in the past, I'm not a big fan of that major December holiday in the Western World calendar...BUT I do live with Santa Claus, and there's no way (short of hiding under the bed, which gets a little sneezy after a few days) to avoid Shopping Season.

If you love to shop, or if you want suggestions to hand to your loved ones so THEY can go shopping for you, I want to make a few suggestions to help you make your season a little brighter,--and a little more socially responsible at the same time!

Suggestion #1: Don't shop at all -- Opt Out instead!  I don't know if REI started this, or if they just picked up the concept and ran with it, but I love everything about the idea:

Instead of spending Your Welcomesgiving Day (a.k.a. Black Friday, the bigge$t $hopping day of the year in the United $tate$) with the crowds at the mall, go outside and play.   REI made a big splash with their Opt Out …

In which Duana has a green horse and is ready to learn a lot

We're going to start a new series of posts here on the Haiku Farm blog:  all about getting a green horse moving down the trail.

Duana bought Freya in May.

Since then, they've experienced typical two-steps-forward/one-step-back progress.  This winter, I want to document some of the stuff they're doing...or rather, let Duana document some of her progress!  

So, I sent Du a few questions to get things started.  The photos and video were taken today.

Talk about Freya.  How old is she?  What did she know before you got her?  
I bought her in May 2016, she had just turned 8.  She had mostly lived in a pasture, with occasional work as a lesson pony for kids.  She also had done limited in hand showing.  She knew how to do the minimum to get by – she wasn’t challenged but also she was left to grow without being over-worked. 

Five words that describe Freya's personality:
Curious, smart, brave, sensitive, forward

Talk about you.  What is your riding/training experience (with horses AND D…

In which a good dog's life is lived, and we are sad when it's all over

14 years is a good, long life for a Golden Retriever.  

He lived the perfect life for a dog.

 Of course, it doesn't seem nearly long enough to the people who are left behind.

Well done, Connor.  Good dog.  (2002 - 2016)