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In which we look forward to a long endurance season starting soon!

Another PNER convention in the books, and we looked so fancy! (more pictures coming soon)

I spent a lot of time hanging out with the Juniors and Young Riders as well as the Pirates and Fish, but I also attended some meetings and some educational stuff and did a little bit of shopping and bought a bunch of raffle tickets as usual.

While hanging out with a Green Bean rider, I was able to talk a lot about some (but not nearly all) of our region's rides.  I have seen a lot of trail in (gasp) 16 years of competition.  But there are still so many more I want to see!
With that in mind, I've transcribed the current list of 2017 Northwest Region rides, and added my photos and notes for the rides. 
My hope is that other riders and ride managers will pick up the idea and post their photos and notes somewhere so I can link to them here!
New this year are rides sanctioned by EDRA in addition to AERC rides.  I have denoted the EDRA rides with yellow highlighting like this.
So, here goes:

In which we dress up in fine feathers and invite others to join us!

We have a lot of thrift shop prom dresses in our closets.

For many years, the Usual Suspects have gathered for a day of shopping to wear at the annual PNER Convention.  

People often comment on our silly photos

the fun we have,

and the amazing outfits we wear to convention every year.

Over the years, people have said, "I wish I could shop with you!"

and "I wish I could find a pretty prom dress too."

This year, we're gonna help make it happen.

Our plan is to haul all the prom dresses down to convention, and put them on display near the registration desk.

For the nominal fee of $5 (to borrow) or $10 (to buy) PNER members can get a fancy dress for the banquet.  

All the money will be donated to the PNER Juniors and Young Riders. (so if you want to donate more money, that would be okay)
Are you excited yet? 
Us too!
See you in Portland!

In which we share what not to wear on a horse (endurance edition)

This is me, on my horse.
I wear the same basic outfit for every endurance ride.  In fact, there are some years that it's difficult to say for certain that I own more than 2 t-shirts, because those are the only shirts that show up in photos.
(I have a variation on the basic outfit to wear on cold/wet rides)
The reasoning is simple:  
When you ride long distance, you figure out what works.   And you don't wear anything that doesn't work.
My #1 criteria for ride day apparel is:  it doesn't rub, chafe, or scrape...and I know this because I've worn every piece of the outfit many times prior to the event.  
(#2 criteria is purple, because I am very, very vain!)
So, imagine my surprise when, while tracking down something completely unrelated for work, I found a reference to this book:

"What not to wear?" thought I.  "Like...sandpaper?  Jellyfish?  White plastic shopping bags?"


This 2005 book, published for the British horse show crowd, is all …

In which we combat the wicked white stuff with the virtuous white stuff

Understatement of the week:   I don't like sn*w. (or ice)

But while Monica and I waited for the tow truck to come yank my truck out of the weeds the other day, we pounded the icy driveway into submission with rock bars and shovels,

and we got to talking.  
And since we were using an un-be-freaking-lieve-able amount of salt on the driveway to soften up the ice, we ended up talking about...salt.
"This is performance salt," Monica told me, pointing to the label.

With time on our hands as we pounded the ice, we dipped into our limited knowledge of salt.
"It was used as payment," I offered.  "In ... Rome?   Root of the word salary."
"Electrolytes!"  she said.  "Performance enhancing...?"

So, I got curious.  And when librarians get curious, you know what we do....

Here's what I've learned (so far) from this cool book about salt:

It was considered divine in many ancient cultures, and was often associated with fertility (which I found…

In which Crystal visits and we ride ponies and don't completely freeze

It hasn't sn*wed for more than a week, and the dratted stuff will not go away.

 I do enjoy reading, of course.  I'm a librarian.
But seriously, there is a limit to the number of hours I want to spend in my chair,

So with Crystal returned to town after her deployment, it's just the kind of excuse I need to get out of the house

and then, over to Fish Creek to ride.

Ariana and Flower got some arena time, too.

Crystal always wants to learn more.  

Crystal is one of those self-taught riders with lovely light hands and a nice seat.  Yeah, I'm jealous.

We rode for a while, and then swapped ponies.  It's been years since I've ridden Flower.  She's learned a lot since then!  
It turns out that while Patty and Flower are extremely good at shoulder-in movements, they are not terribly good at haunches-in movements.  However, Fiddle and I are totally good at haunches, but we aren't good at shoulders.  It was great for me to practice shoulders with Flower, and work on h…