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In which it's that time again: we're headed for Sawmill Flats to build trails

It's hard to believe it's been a year.

Please try to be kind to each other while we're gone, okay?

Stay off of Facebook, go ride your pony, call a friend and go out for lunch (I recommend curry). Take a walk, run with the dog, read a book, pull some weeds.

The forecast at the Renegade Rendezvous ridecamp is for sunshine and temps in the 80's.

Fiddle is cleared to WALK on trails all week.  We'll be using her to mark the trails where elk tend to eat ribbons--she and I together can put ribbons up high enough that even an elk can't reach.  No speed work, and no competition for us this year...but who cares?

Riding at Renegade is The Best Thing.

In which there are cuss words, a scrambled Egg, and some much-needed self care

I'm not gonna reproduce all the cuss words I threw at the truck this weekend. Suffice to say: it wouldn't start on Friday, and I really wanted it to start.

Self-care is especially important for me this time of year.  I spend many hours each week out in the public schools, doing booktalks and presentations for students about the library summer reading program.  That doesn't sound like hard work, but the emotional drain is real.  I come home in the evenings and take a nap, and then go to bed early so I can do it all again the next day.  
The library itself has not been stress-free recently, either.

So, self-care.  Most of mine centers around the Dragon.  She's finally cleared to go out on trails away from home, and we can start expanding our saddle time.  The time I spend doing this is time I need for recharging--more important than naps, even.
Except that the truck wouldn't start.  And Jim was three counties away, attending a weekend-long Santa storytelling workshop.

In which we travel (not very far) for poems and stories and songs

Years ago, I would drive up to Bellingham (an hour or more north)  on Friday nights to tell stories at a coffeeshop open mike.
In those days I spent a lot of time and energy chasing down venues to tell stories.  I drove north, and I drove south, and I drove into the city, and I drove out to parks and libraries.  For many years Jim and I would get up before the chickens and drive to the local radio station to host a storytelling program on Sunday mornings.

These days, my time and energy is mostly elsewhere.  
But recently, a friend told me "You really need to get in touch with Vicky at the Stanwood Library, because she hosts an open mike and she wants more participants!"

I thought, "The Stanwood Library isn't far away at all.  Let's go!"

So, we did. And my friend was right: Vicky is lovely, and her event is a delight.

I took some pictures and video and want to share some of the fun.

Yes, this is Mary from Global Griot! She shared stories and music with the gro…

In which I declare today is Official Hug Your Farrier Day

Here's the trot-out video we filmed last week,  a few days before Fiddle's farrier came out:

Between the passage of time since her last shoeing (right before she tweaked that tendon) and a springtime growth spurt, Fee's feet were long, especially in the toe.

Most Beloved Farrier Mel took off a bunch of foot and rebalanced my mare's feet last Thursday.

The result:

Do you see what we see? 

Doctor Fehr rated Fiddle SOUND on the tweaked tendon left hind, and 1/5 (very intermittent lameness) on the right hind--vestiges of the stifle injury in 2016.

TRANSLATION for the folks at home:  Fiddle can go back to work.  

Slowly, at first:  5 mins trotting, adding more walking and more hills with each session.

EVEN MORE:  She can go and work trails (carefully) with us at Renegade.

We won't be competing until Labor Day at the very earliest (and possibly not then, it's too soon to tell) but our days of trudging grudgingly bareback around the pasture are coming to an end. 

I won…