Puzzle came to us via the NOAH Shelter.

We went looking for a kitty who could stand up to the rigors of living with two active Shetland Sheepdogs.

We test-drove several cats over on the cuddle couch, and the entire time the Cat-Who-Would-Be-Puzzle banged on his plexiglass window, hollering "Choose me!  Choose me!   CHOOOOOOOOOSE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

We chose him.

Puzzle is In Charge of the House.

He decides when we wake up.

5am is his favorite wake-up time.  The catfood dish seems so empty at 5am, even when it's full of food.  5am food is lonely food, and lonely food wants company, so he sounds the alarm most mornings at 5, hoping that we will fluff his food and make it feel more full.

Puzzle also decides when we eat.  Anytime is good, as long as the cat is fed first.  Also, he likes for us to feed his dogs so that he can take kibbles out of their bowls and toss it under the furniture.

Finally, Puzzle decides when we can watch World Cat Wrestling Federation.

He considers himself an awesome athlete.

He continually watches out the windows, planning attacks upon the creatures that are too cowardly to come inside and face his awesomeness.  He knows he could eat those horses, because when he sees them through the windows they are obviously about as big as one of his paws.

Anyone who knows him, however, realizes that Puzzle is a lover, not a fighter.

UPDATE December 2017:  Puzzle showed symptoms of "ain't doin' right" for less than a week.  Cancer moves that quickly. 

The best, best cat

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