In which our little town is invaded by some very cool snow-folk

Our local Downtown Business Association came up with a wonderful idea to promote local shopping and local fun:

This photo shows not only a terrific snowman, but also one of the art-salmon from the last great idea we had here:

Aren't they fun?
This one is from the Tulalip Casino, which is a huge supporter of local arts: (I'm sure there's a snowman around here someplace that was decorated by the Stilliguamish Tribe, too. It's interesting being in a community so strongly influenced by two very different tribal groups).

This one was made by the local berry farm family:
The local Rotary sponsors our "Duck Dash Days", including the famous rubber duckie race.

Here's an article about the snowfolk project.

I love this one! (I drive past it every morning on the way to work).

This little guy is inside the lobby of the bank downtown!
There are sequins on this one:
There are snowfolk outside the barber shop:
and the beauty shop:
...and the pet groomers!
People in our town are well-adjusted
and also well-caffinated...
...and well-fed.

We do have other art in our town. One of these days, I'll walk around the town and take pictures of all of it.

God's paintbrush gets the last shot.


  1. What a great idea for a small town..I love that everyone participates and that each one is unique to the business it represents.

    Very clever. Mom

  2. What fun your town has had with these snowpeople! Thanks for the smile.

  3. That is AWESOME. This entry put a big smile on my face. The more I scrolled, the happier I got.

  4. What a great idea!
    Any town that can do this for fun is my kind of town.
    Thank you for putting this up, really made me smile.

    I used to live in Charles Schultz' home town (Peanuts/Charlie Brown), and I'm not sure who, but someone donated blank sculptures to local artists, and they're all over town. I should do a camera field trip when I can walk!

  5. FABULOUS!!!!!!
    I have always had a special appreciation for all public art. Those specialized snow people are a terrific idea. Love 'em!


  6. I love this! If Arlington wasn't such a trip, I'd be visiting to see these guys in person.


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