In which exciting news is shared with the blog-o-sphere , and we want "likes"

We've started talking about it on Facebook, so I guess I'd better invite y'all to join the excitement:
This is the "rough draft" cover of the book

We're getting much closer to making Endurance 101: the book a real thing. 

The editor is now working at making my sparkling prose positively iridescent (almost not an exaggeration, this editor is amazing!).

Next, photographer-and-generally-amazing Monica Bretherton (whom many of you know from her Horsebytes blog) will apply her talents get it formatted for print and electronic-book so we can sell it to YOU, beloved readers.

Then, the fun starts:  y'all get to read it!  And tell all your friends to read it!  And then all y'all will be so excited and so well-informed that you will decide that you CAN ride endurance.

Think of all the fun.  I can hardly wait.

Here's your part:  go to the Facebook page, and LIKE it and SHARE it, and participate in all the discussions we're starting there.  

When the book is published, we will randomly choose the name of a FB friend who has shared the page, and send that person a free autographed copy of the book!  We've got 177 "likes" in the first 24 hours--let's get those numbers up a bit higher.

It's not only good, you know.  It's fun, too!

(Oooh, hey, look:  180 "likes" now.  Awesome.)


  1. cool! hey, who's on the cover!?

    ~lytha in oregon

  2. Congratulations! Not sure endurance is in our future (yet?), but would love to buy your book nonetheless.


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