In which washing and de-floofing the floofs does not make them less floofy

They look just fine from a distance...

...but get a little closer (especially to Luna) and you can see stuff
Luna doesn't remember where she picked up
all the stuff sticking to her fur.
in her floof.
Shetland Sheepdog floof is very similar to wool:
thick and warm and not always very clean.

Moss, twigs, dirt.  And worse.

I trim the hair from Luna's feet every month
or so--it grows back fast!

Luna's foot is floofy, even on the bottom.

Neatly trimmed now.  This is not a show clip--it's just cut short to minimize
the amount of stuff she tracks into the house.
It's really too bad there's no market for floof-wool knitted sweaters and hats.

One dog's worth of floof = almost enough spare floof to clothe an entire extra dog!

Next step:

Luna doesn't enjoy this part of her spa treatment

Always a glamour girl

We only own a blow-dryer because of the dogs.

Look Ma!

We're still floofy!


  1. Ha ha! I'd say they're even floofier! As mama to a sheltie, I know exactly what you mean. Most of the time, Eddie harbours a ton of sheltie floof and half a forest in his fur. As for fuzzy-feet, oh yes, I hear you.

  2. They're SO pretty, even when they're glaring at you. <3

  3. Man, they are cute! I love the pic of Luna in the wash tub! She looks soooo impressed. :-)

  4. Beautiful girls! I have quite a fondness for blue eyed dogs anyway, but those two look like models:)


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