Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In which some people are sad, but there is music and there is singing

I am sad to report that we lost a good 'un recently.
photo by Monica Bretherton
Patty's nice young horse Rocky was colicky...and colicky...and colicky.  After several vet visits (Patty is a vet, but she calls in a large-animal specialist when something goes pear-shaped with a pony) didn't resolve the colic, they tried surgery, but sadly, he is gone now.

There is really nothing you can say or do when something goes sadly wrong in the life of a friend.  No amount of poetry, chocolate or even rum helps with stuff like this.  All we can do is what we did:  stand by and offer support and love to our friend.   Our horse community isn't the only one that does this.

I happen to know that Patty isn't the only one who has experienced sadness recently, and although those of us offering comfort feel pretty useless, we aren't.  Our good thoughts are helpful, even when they don't seem to be helpful.  Does that make any sense?

If you are a sad one and wondering if I'm talking about you, I am.  If you've been trying to comfort somebody recently and wonder if I mean you, I do.

I'm posting the video (below) in hopes that the cacophony and sheer joy in music, dance, juggling and a sunny day will make somebody smile.  I filmed the last 20 seconds of the New Old Time Chatauqua in performance at the Festival of the River here in the Swampland, and they made me smile.

I hope that you will smile when you watch it.