In which endurance is not always "roughing it in a cow pasture"

I've been invited to give an Endurance 101 clinic the day prior to the Caribou Gold Rush Express endurance ride next weekend.

It's a long drive north (high up in western British Columbia, Canada), but the trails are reputed to be gorgeous...and then, of course, there's the facility where we'll be staying.

I snagged a couple of photos from the website of 108-Mile House, also known as the Hills Health Ranch:

Anti-Aging Ginkgo Lift Facial - $119.00 80 min

Normally, an endurance ridecamp is a large field--usually an empty cow pasture or open meadow.

However, this ride is held at a health spa.  In addition to the unaccustomed luxury of running water in camp, we also have access to showers.

Urr, and the indoor swimming pool.  And the hot tub.  And the sauna.

And if we get bored with that, we could always sign up for a pedicure, or heated stone massage.

Or, I guess we could go riding...

So, yeah.

Sirie and I are packing up the rig and heading out this week.  We're taking Fiddle with us, and a tent.  And a camp stove.

And our bathing suits.

And our riding tights and boots and helmets.

And my laptop.

'Cuz I'm doing an E101 Clinic on Saturday, and then I'm signed up to ride the LD.

I rather suspect we might have some fun.

Don't ya think?

Wish us luck.


  1. I just don't know! I have such a hard time when I see people ~recreating~ while I'm slogging through a ride - knowing that my husband was spa-ing it up might kill me! Have tons of fun and take lots of pictures!

    1. But Funder, just think: finish my ride and then go sit in the HOT TUB?!? Oh, yeah.

  2. You are so cute. 100 Mile House is nowhere near to being "high up" in British Columbia.

    1. Higher up than me, anyhow, dp! :-)

      Google maps says it will take 7 hours to get there...of course, Google maps doesn't count on pee breaks and the fact that we're hauling a horse trailer. So it will be a LONG day of driving all the way up there!

      (You could go with us, you know...)

  3. You are so cute. 100 Mile House is nowhere near to being "high up" in British Columbia.

  4. Wow! Have a great time, I'm just a little envious:)

  5. Sounds like a Great way to spend a few of these remaining Summer days!

  6. Next time you can pick me up en route. I did try to convince some friends higher up in BC to attend. 108 Mile is 108 miles from Kamloops, BTW -- on the gold rush route.


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