In which people didn't know that the Dragon does tricks, so here's some proof

Fiddle has learned that when newcomers visit Haiku Farm, they often ask for the full tour.

They want to see the chickens.

They want to pet the goats.

They want to admire the garden.

And many, many of them want to see the Dragon.

In the Olden Days, this was a problem.  She was a nasty Dragon, after all, and it was awkward having a Dragon who tried to eat visitors.

So I taught her tricks.

Now, when she sees a new car in the driveway, and a bunch of strangers in the yard, she comes to the fence, ready to show off her tricks.  The strangers clap for the tricks--and more importantly, they hand her cookies when she does them.

When I posted a Facebook status recently about this, a friend who hadn't seen Fiddle in many years commented:  "The Dragon does tricks?"

Why, yes.  She does.  Watch!

Although some folks think that a Dragon doing tricks for carrots is kind of strange, I'm astonished at the number people who think that dogs doing tricks for carrots is even more strange.

And yet, the Floofs are happy to oblige.

The cat does a trick too.

Just one.  (he stands up on his back legs to beg).

But not for carrots.

And NOT for the camera.

You'll just have to trust me about it.

Or better, yet:  come visit Haiku Farm.

If you do, bring carrots.

Because if you bring carrots, the Dragon will do tricks.

And that, my friends, is GOOD.


  1. The dragon is adorable! And I am so glad to see my dog is not the only one who will do tricks for carrots...

  2. Loved it! The Dragon AND Floofs doing tricks for carrots! <3

  3. The Dragon and Ozzy have way way way too much in common. Loved these videos :)

  4. ..."adorable"....

    Not a word usually used to describe my horse.



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