In which Endurance 101 is a splendid gift--order yours now!

Some of y'all weren't here last year when we released the first copies of Endurance 101 to the public, just in time for the winter holidays.

Santa and "Jingles" 

Almost exactly one year ago, on the only sunny day in November 2012, we got Santa Jim all dressed up in his gear, and got him and Jingles (aka Arianna) to pose for pictures featuring the new book.

Want to see all the fun we had that day?  Visit the blog post HERE.

And now, it's time to remind everyone to order copies in time for the 2013 holidays!  Priority shipping is now available for the paper version of the book, so you won't have to play "post-office roulette" this year.

Just go to the website

and order your copy today!

Or heck.  You have more than one friend, right?  You can order copies for everyone!

That website one more time?

p.s.  want something super-cute to tie to the outside of the package?  Look at Monica's latest creations: 

Adorable little blinged-up helmet to hang from your tree
or from the rear view mirror of your haulin' rig.

available on Etsy.  Go look at the page HERE!  

Monica wrote a blog post about the project HERE.  

Support your friends in the blogosphere and make this an all-blogger holiday!

You know it's gonna be good.


  1. I can attest (as a pre-buyer) to the marvelousness of Endurance 101, even for those who do not (yet) ride endurance! Informative, hilarious, and wow, someone ELSE also knows The Bad Idea Fairy?!? Fantastic. Great tips that apply to all kinds of riding and horse care. You'll be glad you did.


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