In which there's a new blog in town, stop on by to say "hello" to us!

The new blog is called HOW TO LOVE A DOG. Click HERE to go there!

A while back, I convinced Patty (who is my friend and riding partner...and coincidentally, my small-animal vet) that the world needed a new dog book, and that she and I should write it.

I'm not always very convincing, but I am ALWAYS persistent.

So, we've got the first draft of the book whomped up, and now it's time to get some reader input.

The new blog is called How To Love A Dog, and the goal of the whole project is to get good information out to dog owners about REALLY taking great care of their dogs. We know that most people don't intentionally harm their dogs, but we see training and management mistakes all the time--stuff that's easy to fix or prevent, if only people knew how to do it.

Good dog care isn't sexy, and it rarely makes the news. People Magazine might do a 4-page color spread on the expensive outfits that some celebrities put on their dogs, but we never see photos of Paris Hilton taking her dog in for a dental.  We aim to show how to take excellent care of dogs, using lots of helpful hints and stories about REAL dogs and the people who love them.

The first post talks about crate-training a dog, and you should go there! Click on over, leave a comment, forward it to Facebook and to your dog-loving friends.

Okay?  Go!
A blog featuring pictures of Luna! 


  1. AWESOME. Going!

  2. Yay! Will defiantly keep an eye one it! And I'll try to weigh in on any grooming-related topics! =)


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