In which a vet, a lawyer, a pirate and some chalk walk into a....


Pacific Northwesterners are generally considered a bit standoffish by outsiders.  

However, endurance riders and their friends

a kiss for luck before the start line

are often very

morning snuggles in a not-very-big tent


And also, somewhat

"get the chalk wet and start scribbling, huh?"

 silly at times.

Duana:  "do ME!!!!"

The Bare Bones endurance ride weekend was one of those times.  

Out of all the Usual Suspects, I was the only one who brought a horse.  Everybody else just came for the fun.

We even adopted a new Suspect into the tribe.  Jenni is a "refried bean," not really a Green Bean, since she's done endurance with her lovely horse Magic back in Miss'sippi.  But they aren't there anymore, they are here.  And we are glad. 

When we brought out the sidewalk chalk after Saturday's ride, Jenni waded right in with the rest of us

Patty:  "Come over here, you need decorations!"
Jenni:  "Okay!"

and got painted up all purdy.

Jenni reports that her husband didn't say a word
about her new hair color.

In their day jobs as a vet

"That's Doctor Robinett to you!"

and a lawyer,

Yes, my friend is a lawyer.  I love her anyhow.

Patti and Du have to maintain some semblance of respectability.

(These expectations do not extend to pirates or librarians, btw.)

That's why sidewalk chalk is so much fun.  We can color our hair

Betsey is pretty in pink.

(and our skin)

Du let Patty get creative...that always leads to interesting things

 all kinds of unusual colors

Pulchritude.  We haz it.

and it will wash out by Monday morning.


But sidewalk chalk isn't just for people.

The Dragon's reputation for being hot and wild is getting wrecked
by photos like this

Patty had already scribbled all over all the people she could reach...and then
she noticed the large bay palette standing nearby.

Dragon:  "Auntie Patty, what if nobody is afraid of me now?!"

Not satisfied with decorating ourselves and the Dragon, we looked around for other potential participants.

Roo:  "You're gonna color on me?"

All this smiling and laughing is rather exhausting.

Roo had a good weekend.

But it's Good.

It's really, really Good.


  1. You guys are giving me ideas... we saw horses with 'war paint' at RBTR...

  2. You all have Too darn much fun! :-) Love All the Photos!

  3. "Pacific Northwesterners are generally considered a bit standoffish by outsiders."

    By *who*? CareBears? I was a little unnerved by how open and friendly everyone was when I moved here. It took me almost a year to get the hang of the super-inquisitive line of questioning every time I bought groceries.

    1. Becky,


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