In which we celebrate the short but good lives of Haiku Farm turkeys

After a week of monsoonic rain, the sun came out.

Fluffing out the feathers after a long rainy spell.
photo by M. Bretherton

Monica was out early, shooting photos of the turkeys as they wandered around the backyard nibbling on dandelion greens, lavender seeds, and overripe apples.  

It was a nicest "last day" for turkeys that I could think of.

They got so large that walking was difficult.   The big male had to sit and rest
several times during his walkabout.  Photo by M. Bretherton

They lived here long enough to learn where the trees would drop the best fruit.

On the way to the orchard.
Photo by M. Bretherton

They lived here long enough to teach the dogs how to behave properly in the presence of dinosaurs.

They taught me where food really comes from...not just in theory.

 They taught us all that even ugliness

contains beauty.

Preening.  Photo by M. Bretherton

And yes, we will eat them.  What a waste their lives would be if we didn't!

In honor of the things we learned, we will put apples in the stuffing, and lavender on the table.

Because, they taught us some stuff.

And that's a good thing.


  1. Love it! Nothing like raising your own meat.


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