In which Monica is inspired and I'm not, so here's a link: Horsebytes

So, Haiku Farm now has an artist-in-residence:  Monica!

photo by M. Bretherton
Since I've been struggling two days with a blog post and still haven't written the dang thing, I'm going opt out for today (again).

But, before I put on my woolies and head out for a (short) ride, I want to boost the signal on Monica's blog so you can see some of what's up here at the Farm.

The link is HERE.

Errr, and watch out:  There Be Dragons.

Oh, and before I leave, here's a Cyber Monday heads-up:

Santa Jim and Jingles, photo by M. Bretherton

The publisher of Endurance 101 has a special offer on right now, good until December 15th.   If you haven't got your copy yet, or if you need to order a copy for a friend, now is the time.

Visit the website HERE and see for yourself!


  1. GREAT photos of your mare! Fun article too :-)

  2. P.S. We have a Standardbred in the WTRDD~!


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