In which fancy prom dresses (and wings) aren't just for the prom anymore

It's that time again.

As so often happens, the best events start with food.

And then:

"If we're lucky, it will cover up most of my butt."

on to the thrift stores!

"I'm wearing mommy's dress-up shoes."

We do this every year.

"My girlz are gonna just leap outta this one!"

Attending the PNER convention is fun anyhow.

"I've mis-placed my tiara again."

But attending the convention banquet and dance in an ASTONISHING dress makes things more fun.

Seafoam toga.  Try to contain your jealousy.

Shopping Day is one of the funniest days of the year with the Usual Suspects.

"It's certainly"

"Oh yeah, because personal dignity is a thing."

Finally: a dress that doesn't look awesome on Betsey.

"Whaddya think?  Too tasteful?"

So, our outfits are ready,

"These dresses will be perfect if we have somebody walk
behind us all night to hold them together."

and so are we!

"Can we find something less elegant?"

Distracted by boots.  It's a problem.

TFOM:  The Friends of Macklemore

You've heard of Diana Ross and the Supremes?
These ain't those.

The Usual Suspects in their winter plumage

Important last step:  choosing the wings to go with


  • Fancy dress
  • Fancy shoes
  • Wings
  • Tiara
  • Personal Dignity

A dress fit for DANCING!

See you at convention!


  1. I think the very orange dress would be perfectly complimented by a bright purple streak in your hair. Just sayin'.


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