In which we tear stuff down and the rainy weather doesn't help us much

Here's the overhead photo of Haiku Farm, taken before we moved in.

I added these captions in 2009.  Oh, such plans!

Here's the overhead photo from 2014

Captions show the changes we've made since moving here

A farm is always a work in progress, and Haiku Farm is no exception.  In the nearly !!six!! years we have been here, we've gradually torn out some ratty outbuildings and gradually built up more useful stuff, like the barn, and the garden.

The latest demolition wasn't something I would've chosen to do in February.  We weren't given a choice, really:

Too much gravity.

This shed's roof caved in before Christmas.  The insurance people told us that not only did they not intend to cover the collapse, they wanted proof that we had repaired or demolished the building ourselves...or they would cancel the homeowner's insurance on the entire property.

>>many paragraphs of unfriendly words deleted<<

>>I'm still thinking unfriendly words, though<<

Jim and his Sawzall.  It's a beautiful thing.
We did what we always do in times of distress:

Jim and Jason with saws and ropes...and rain

 We called upon our friends for help.

And because our friends are wonderful people

The wall comes tumbling down

 they showed up

Take a chunk of wall, and throw it on the dump-trailer!

in the pouring rain, in February

Wall #1 gone, we begin cutting apart Wall #2

and helped us tear down the shed.

The Usual Suspects, wet and filthy, but triumphant

Photo for comparison:  the Usual Suspects
at the PNER Convention last weekend

 Just when we were really feeling wet and sorry for ourselves, the neighbors showed up!

We met these boys the first day we moved here. They have grown taller and
more handsome since then, but they are still just as lovely

 And they finished the job!

The boys pulled down the white interior wall that was covering up an
old exterior wall--the collapsed part of the shed was added
to the original building by the farm's prior owners

 And then

Homemade veggie chili!

We ate.

That's how we do things here.

It's not always fun.  It's not always warm and dry.

But (with help from our friends and neighbors) it's Good.


  1. Always good to have those friends who step-up & help out!


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