In which we're packing for a (non-horse) road trip, so here's a video

A few months ago, Santa Jim asked (very sweetly) if we might go camping 
without the horse this summer.

As focused as I am on riding this season (while I still can*), I cannot say "no" to that good man**

So, we're packing the rig*** to go down to a non-smokey part of the state for a camping weekend with the two younger dogs**** and without the Dragon*****

Here's some video I took on the trail today.  Please note that I hold onto the camera with both hands while shooting video (yes, I know, I need a GoPro!******) so the Dragon is making all the choices as we trot up this trail.

Enjoy.  I'll meet y'all back here next week.

*   My organic hip has not fallen apart yet.  I got an injection 2 weeks ago that is helping...some...

**  Could you say "no" to Santa?  Me neither.

***  The truck is never completely unpacked during ride season.  We take out our laundry and the food in the cooler.  Everything else lives in the truck until November.

****   Luna will stay home with Monica.  I think they plan to stay up all night giggling while I'm gone.

*****  There will be a Dragon.  Just not MY Dragon.  I can't wait to get pictures!

******  I heard a rumor that Santa Claus reads this blog.  I hope it's true.


  1. Lovely trail and VERY smooth video! Are you sitting the trot? Rising? Or is she pacing?


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