In which scrounging local food is a fine tradition in the Swampland

Patty and I took a nice easy ride on Sunday...and we
kept our eyes out for treasure.

After a long day in meetings, I came home and told Monica, "if you'll come mushroom hunting with me, I'll drive."  

We loaded up Roo and Foxie, leaving Luna at home to guard the house, and we headed out to the trailhead to look for chanterelles.

We found some.

The first of (we hope) many "look we found chanterelles and you didn't"
photos posted to Facebook. 

I called Jim and told him NOT to stop for a burger on the way home from work.

Tonight's menu:
shredded chicken (no relation to the Haiku Farm flock, this one came from Costco) with chanterelles, roasted garlic and sweet potato leaves in a white sauce over pasta.

Treasure:  it's what's for dinner

Tomorrow's menu:  chanterelles and apples and homegrown tomatoes on homemade pizza, paired with a movie or a game of Cards Against Humanity.



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