Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In which Fiddle receives visitors and I am disobedient

This is Eliza, and Fiddle loves her.

Chill out, paranoid parents, I'm not that dumb:
the kid's mom and grandma and I were standing close by
but I cropped us out of the photo for dramatic visual effect.

Eliza came to visit because her grandmother came to visit.

"And who is this grandmother?" the Inquisitive Reader wants to know.

Why, it's Jacqui, otherwise known as Fiddle's First Mum.

Back in 2006, Jacqui was coping with a nasty brain tumor and couldn't take care of Our Favorite Dragon anymore, and so (thanks to a network of helpful people) she delivered Fiddle to me on a rainy night in late December.

I was given the option to send her to Greener Pastures the following Spring if I didn't want to keep the mare...and we all know how that turned out.

But Jacqui didn't just drive off into the sunset!

She went through heaps of treatment, and has visited Haiku Farm a couple of times, and last weekend she came back with her daughter and Young Eliza in tow.

"Goats, meh.  Let's go back and look at the horsey again!"
Here's a thing about Fiddle:  she loves babies.  She's a mothering kind of mare, and watches out for little dumb things like foals and kittens and toddlers.

Adult people, not so much.  She wasn't very thrilled about Jacqui's daughter standing nearby, for example.

But babies like Eliza, she loves.  And, fortunately, some few adults (like Jacqui) she loves.

"Don't publish my picture!" Jacqui insisted.
But this photo would look stupid without the grandma.
Yes, I'm disobedient.  It's a Pirate Thing.

I guess Fee gets that nice, soft eye sometimes when she looks at me.

This picture is better with Jacqui attached to the hand at right.
But, eh.  One disobedience is enough for right now.

It's nice to see that happy face directed at other folks, too, sometimes.