In which there are many rainclouds, and I dance with the one what brung me

There are many beautiful times in the Swampland.
February isn't one of them.

No matter what the calendar claims,
February is--by far--the longest month of the year

I am usually a cheerful person.  Annoyingly cheerful at times, I admit.

But not in February.

In mid-February, the skies are not only dark-and-dreary, they have been dark-and-dreary for about five months.  And there is no light in sight:  our days won't get longer for more than a month, and we won't see lightness-and-brightness for another two or three months.  

That's a lot of dreariness, even for a cheerful person.

Usually I can banish some of the mental rainclouds by heading to the hills for a ride on my faithful Dragon.

Fiddle has three more days of confinement-only.
Then we can start hand-walking, 5 minutes a day.

That's not an option this winter.

My friends are always supportive, and especially now.  "Ride Ariana!" says Patty.  

Mama-Llama Ariana has a pretty face, even when she's covered in mud.

So I do.

Taking lessons on a new horse is very educational.

Learning new stuff is a good way to dispel the clouds.  

"Let's ride trails!" says Duana.

Du is still seeking her next endurance horse, but she is always happy
to hit the trails with Hana.

So we do.

Ariana usually travels with one or both ears to the side, rather than
pointing forward.

I'm teaching her the Dragon's trick of "fixing" the ears for photos.

Being out on the trails helps to dispel the mental clouds, even if the actual clouds dump rain on us for two hours and eight miles.

Ariana is a nice ride--she's strong, smooth, and even fairly sensible (for an Arab).
But I miss my Dragon!  >whine, whimper, etc<

We were wet, but we will dry.  We were cold, but we will get warm again.  The sky is dark, but it won't stay dark forever.

In February, it seems like it will be dark forever.  

...and this is why I love my Usual Suspects

Most days in February, I just can't muster the energy or enthusiasm for much.  

Riding is good, lessons are good, and Ariana is a lovely horse...but she isn't my Dragon.  She's practically perfect, which is really what I need right now, since I'm still on post surgical no-falling-off-restriction.  She has a lot to teach me.  

If only it wasn't February, I'd probably be a better student.  

Oh well, says Eeyore.  At least it isn't sn*wing.


  1. Buck up! At least there are only 27 more days until Daylight Savings!! And by the time you wake up tomorrow, it'll be only 26 days. :-) We're getting there, slowly but surely...

  2. I love Eeyore:) My daughter watches a lot of Winnie the Pooh, and Eeyore's comments never fail to make me smile. I agree that February is the worst month. We've been getting a ton of rain as well and I'm so ready for sunshine, warmth, and dry ground!


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