In which we don't know how far we went, but Fiddle still trots out soundly

My phone's GPS is completely hamstrung by the lack of connectivity on the trails at Renegade.

The best way to find our trails is to follow the ribbons

Although I set the GPS every morning before heading out on the trails with Fiddle, I usually finished the day with a nonsensical Rorschach scribble and a dead phone battery.  So, I can't tell you with much accuracy how many miles we covered together in the week prior to the ride.

In general, we worked on 5-10 miles per day.  At least one day, the trail was closer to 15 miles.

So, my best guess is that she and I did somewhere between 50 and 80 miles (I know, that's a pretty broad range!).

Most of this was walking, because we were carrying shovels and rakes and implements of destruction, as well as a rainbow of trail ribbons.

She can hear the elk babies in the meadow below.
They sound like humpback whales!

Dr Fehr (aka "Dr Dear") wanted to know how Fiddle would feel after a steady week of trail work, so  Fee and I traipsed up the hill to the vet check on Friday afternoon.

Here's her vet card:

Dr Root said that if I hadn't explained about the injury and recovery,
he would have assumed we were signed up to do the 50-miler on Saturday.

Here are the videos of the walk out and trot out, with Sirie on the string:

And, just for fun, we did another trot out the following day, which was Fiddle's first "day of rest" after 7 straight days of work.  Please note that I am holding the string for this one--and I'm not very lame, either!

Right now, the plan is to revisit Dr Fehr in early August for a chiro adjustment (and probably a hock or stifle injection), and to start ramping up conditioning for a 50-miler in either early September or October.



  1. That is AWESOME!!! Way to go with being patient and bringing her back :)

  2. She is looking great - Dr Dear checking in!
    Yeh :0)


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