In which Thanksgiving is great, and opting outside is pretty great too

Ours was a Thanksgiving Dinner that couldn't be beat:

Turkey from Mel, roasted vegetables from our gardens, 
stuffing from Alison, pies from my mom.
Ten people, lots of talking and laughing, lots of food = 
a great holiday.

The turkey was so big that it had to be cut in half with a Sawzall.
Santa Jim roasted half with bacon in the oven; Monica smoked the
other half in the smoker with applewood.

The dogs aren't allowed to have turkey, stuffing, or pie, but they do get special treats for the holiday:

Then on Black Friday, while most of America stood in line to buy wafflewashers at Tarmart, or trolled for parking at the maul, Fiddle and I Opted Outside.

Fluffy, but not too fat for November!

We took Flower

I hang with you, okay?  My rider has gone off into the bushes again!

and Patty

Lookee what I found!

outside with us.

moiling, moiling, moiling.  The bright pink Dragonwalker Duster is great for keeping
track of a mushroom hunter in the woods!

It was not a strenuous ride.

But, it wasn't raining, and it wasn't freezing, and the trails weren't crowded.

And, bonus:

we found ingredients for the Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Feast on Sunday.

I hope your Thanksgiving table was laden and surrounded by friends.  If you're in the Swamp this weekend, why not bring some food to the annual Re-Gobble party at Fish Creek?  

We'll see you there!


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