In which we ride in the rain and have a Sensible Misadventure

I know I've promised not to complain about weather that doesn't need to be shoveled, 

Rain, rain, go away....

Fiddle and I went out solo today despite the rain.  I have good raingear, and we really need some time together on the trail, moving out at Dragon Speed instead of Baby Horse speed.

The spring plants are way behind the usual schedule.  There are very few budding leaves, and no flowers at all, except a few Swamp Tulips.

(skunk cabbage)

It was while trying to take a slightly better picture of the Lysichiton americanus that Fiddle and I went slightly askew.

As usual, I was trying to steady the camera (phone) with both hands, so I dropped the reins and took off my gloves and poked and prodded at the phone to get the telephoto to engage.

Dropping reins is normal for us.  That doesn't make it a Good Idea.  Don't try this at home!

I reckoned without Fee's itchy face.

She's finally starting to shed ("It's still winter in Canada!" she says)  and we'd been mostly-trotting for about an hour.  She was ITCHY.

And I had dropped the reins.

So (of course) she lowered her head and scratched her face on her leg.

And (of course) the reins fell down onto her ears.

And then she stepped on her rein, up close to her face, with about six inches of loose rein between foot and the bit.

ME:  "You're standing on your reins."

FIDDLE:  "Can't talk.  I'm standing on my reins."

ME:  "Move your foot."

FIDDLE:  "Can't move foot.  Is on my reins."

ME:  "Stay there, I'll help."  (sliding down off the saddle, trying to fix the problem)

FIDDLE:  "No, it's chill. I got this."

ME:  "wai---"

She did NOT panic.  She moved her head a little each direction, to see how much room she had.  Not enough.  She looked out of each eye to make sure she wasn't going to run into anything (including me).

Then she SNAPPED her head up, just enough, and broke the stitching holding one of the bit-hanger D-rings.

FIDDLE:  "See?  All good."

ME:  "Wha-a-a-?"

FIDDLE:  "Face itches. Scratch, please."

My beautiful bridle

So, I scratched her face.

Then I stuffed the bit in my pocket and attached the reins to the (undamaged) sidepull noseband on the bridle.

one missing D-ring.  American Trail Gear will fix it.

And then we trotted back to the trailer.


  1. Lucky for you all that ensued was a broken bit of harness. It sounded like a potential disaster waiting to happen. It's fun when they run off on you with the reins around their ears... long reach on that beast of yours!

  2. She is so smart. Too smart, I think, sometimes. Glad she was sensible and that you were in a bridle that could easily be flipped to a side pull :)

    1. I could probably have made a bridle out of string, but this was much handier!


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