In which Fiddle is Zoomy McZoombutt...but just for a little while

There are horses next door again, and Fiddle is thrilled.

"Looooooookit meeeeeeee!"

Usually, she runs around the pasture once per week...or less.

Zoomy McZoombutt

 Usually, there's nobody to impress.  But now...

Yes, standardbreds CAN gallop

I wanted to go riding, and to hunt for mushrooms.  But first I had to catch my steed.

She was having fun.  

"I'm going FA-A-A-AST!"

Zooming is pretty

She wasn't running away from me.  She just wanted to run.  So she did.

There was no point in chasing her around. 

Actually quite pretty

So I stood in one spot and used the camera.

An hour later, we were on the trail.

This chanterelle is bigger than my hand

And zoombutt mare?  She hauled me out to mushroom hunting grounds, and then stood quietly, tied to a tree.

Looking pretty, waiting patiently.

All done zooming...until tomorrow.


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