In which cabin fever probably won't kills us, but why take a chance?

In the world of teen librarianship, I have recently gained about 10,000 XP.
Or at least, a bunch of street cred.

Dressed as Alice in Wonderland (age 53) and spent the day at Comic Con. 
With a free pass.  On company time.

Comic Con was a blast. 

But it turns out that spending a day indoors surrounded by fabulously costumed nerds and geeks -- after spending nearly 3 weeks mostly indoors because of uncooperative weather -- makes me even more wild-eyed and even more desperate for some time in the woods.

Finally the weather (and the trails) cleared up enough to get out.

It's been almost 3 weeks, it feels like much longer.

Still traces of evil whiteness on the ground, but the footing wasn't bad most of the time.

We walked almost the entire route, so I took a lot of photos.

Several dead ends, and lots of trees dropped on the trail.  Sometimes I cleared the trail,
sometimes we went around, sometimes we just had to back up and go a different way.

We were out for under three hours, but in that time we saw a huge variety of terrain

mud-over-moss in the woods

Soggy sand in the open

gravelly bits surrounded by sn*w

mud and fallen trees

...and, of course, more sn*w.  It's gone from the roads and our pasture,
but the shady spots in the woods still haven't melted entirely.

and also big changes in the quality--and quantity--of light.





back to bright again

a little of everything

Today was more overcast, with a few sprinkles of precip. 

We didn't stay home, though!

Again: turn-arounds and dead ends because of tree fall.  

It feels so good to be back where we belong.


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