In which I am not getting-rich-fast, and I seek help from my readers

I've been looking for a new venue for articles and seeking new audiences.  This blog has been active since 2008 (!), and I wrote both the Endurance 101 book and the Sex in the Library book in 2012 (although SITL took longer than E101 to get printed, it was all written and edited at the same time).

This photo from Facebook, dated April 27, 2012, is captioned
"Fiddle Proofreads Chapter 9"

And then...I took a break.  I still spend every November scribbling out NaNoWriMo projects, but there hasn't been anything in recent years that really got the creative fire roaring the way it did when I was writing two books at the same time.

Recently, I discovered a new horse-centric website hosted by Featherlite Trailers that publishes articles for and by equestrians. And, ta-dahhh:  article authors get paid $15 per piece, once it meets a (currently low bar) of popular success.

"What the heck?" I thought.  So, I submitted some stuff.  (You can see it all HERE)

And hey:  it's working!  I'm getting paid!  Not tons of cash for each piece, but it's starting to add up slowly.

Another good thing:  my stuff is getting a new, broader audience--including readers who don't already "know" me via this blog or some other online outlet.

The article about equine spay is finding a whole new audience now!

My articles are mostly re-whomped pieces that debuted here, with enough changes to meet the site's "original content" rules.   Cool.  It's getting me back in practice writing again, which is good--and giving me a chance to squeeze a few shekels out of existing work.

The title of this post mentioned that I seek help.  Here's what I'm hoping blog readers can provide:

  • Tell me which posts from this blog have stuck with you over time.  I will take your suggested posts (or topics) and write up new material for the website.
  • Tell me what topics you wish I would write about (or write more about).  If there's a question you want me to address, say so! 
  • Tell me who else needs to read what I write.  Maybe your neighbor who is new to horses?  Or a member of your riding club who already "knows everything"?  Or...?   

And one more thing.

This is a screenshot, you have to go HERE to see the articles and vote

  • Please go to the site (HERE is the link again) and "vote up" my posts.  That's how I get paid!

I look forward to hearing from you.  


  1. An intro to standardbreds (and STB rescue!) :D

    Riding after hip replacements?

    (I mean... I would also love to buy collections of Good Warm Stories, especially if illustrated but that is probably just a me thing and certainly doesn't fit that site.)

  2. I was really fascinated with the building of your barn and pasture. As I now own my own little place, I would love to read more about building your own barn, and choosing companion animals for the horse(s).

  3. Okay, "riding after hip replacement" is now live and it wants to be voted up:

    There's another one coming soon. Maybe two...!


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