In which summer trucks along, doin' summer stuff (and I go riding)

Summertime...and the (riding) is easy.

Hot, but not unbearable.  I chose shady trails for most of today's ride.

Because we aren't conditioning for anything in particular, Fiddle and I can dink around on trails any old way we want.

Last week, we went with Lucia and Jennifer to show them the way to the river.

Fee likes Annie most of the time.  Not always.

These horses have come a long way because these riders have put in a lot of effort!

Cold water, not very deep this time of year

" Can we walk across the bridge?  Let's find out!"
Yes.  They can.

Over at Fish Creek, Patty's new horse child is growing fast.

This photo was taken last week.

This photo was taken today.  I think the baby grew an inch in 7 days!

Patty's mare Flower is *finally* (mostly) sound again, but she is super un-fit.  So: arena riding before trail work.  Dory was working with Saber, who tripped and fell a few weeks ago and has been given time off  to heal up completely.  He's much improved now.

Fiddle was there to keep me company, we didn't actually work much.

Fiddle wasn't sure she "likes" Saber.  But she can now be in the arena with him without blowing a gasket.  

Today was a pretty day, so Fee and I went out for a long solo ride this morning.

You can tell that I activated the tomato curse this summer to make it rain.  So much green!

We saw a few little chanterelles, but nothing big enough to justify dismounting to collect

We passed many piles of mutilated culvert pipe.  The roads are being re-graded and culverts upgraded...
which almost certainly means that this section will get logged soon.

A new trail.  We didn't follow it to the end.  Maybe next week?

Blue stuff in the sky:  I love it.  Especially when the ground is still too wet to burn.

Result of summer weather, exhibit 2:  many potatoes

We haven't had to water the gardens much this year (because I planted tomatoes, so it's been raining pretty steadily)
so the potato crop needs to dry before we can prep stuff for storage.

This time of year there are a LOT of things that need to get done before winter:
We need to get firewood.
We need to get hay.
We need to paint the house.

But also...

Theoretically, I could get tired of the sunshine and blue sky and stuff.
I haven't got tired of it yet, though.

...I need to go riding.


  1. Love all that gorgeous green! Especially framed by those elegant ears <3


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