In which my friends help fight off the February-lasts-forever Blues

The winter blues were hitting really hard last week,
and friends rallied around to help.

I know that I can't really complain about weather that doesn't require a shovel,
but we've had weeks and weeks of grey skies and heavy rain.  It gets...old.

At work, we are busy planning programs and activities for Summer Reading--most of the hired programming has been done, so we will now fill in the cracks and crannies with local programs like "Storytime in the Park" ...and this:

The Summer Reading theme this year is all about imagination and fairytales,
so we're gonna plant BEANSTALKS!

The challenge for this program at the Lake Forest Park Library is that there is no natural light there:  the library is literally located underground, in the lower level of the bookstore and mall.

So, I put out a request on Facebook a couple days ago:  does anybody have indoor seed-starting stuff and grow lights we could use?

Susan Garlinghouse (may she live forever in sunlight) and more importantly, the mighty John Henry Garlinghouse heard my call, and the very next day, Amazon boxes started arriving, with notes inside from JH.

John Henry knows where mama keeps hers Amazon passwords, but he has to use
voice recognition software to use them.

The latest package included many multicolored plastic dragons. 
Hell yes, we can make them part of our scientific process!

Megan and Patty also responded to try to keep my spirits above water.  Lunch at the Totem was arranged after morning physical therapy:

I may never be hungry again.  Photo doesn't show the gigantic biscuit or the cups of hot tea.

Then, Megan and I proceeded to wander around.

The new YMCA in Everett is open, and Megan had passes.  We splashed in the pool, walked in the "river", soaked in the hot tub, and then relaxed in the sauna.  The new facility is bright, clean, and designed for heavy use.  I love the indoor track, and the weight room and studios (for yoga, dance, or whatever else they think of!) are beautiful.

file photo of the "walkable river" pool

After we cleaned off most of the chlorine, we headed to downtown Everett.  Note the unusual shapes on the bridge behind Megan's head in the photo....

In 28+ years of friendship, this is the first photo
 I've ever taken of this women where she isn't flipping off the camera.

We went to FUNKO!

file photo of FUNKO headquarters in downtown Everett

I do not need more dust-collecting collectibles in my life, but it was super-cool to wander around inside and see all the funny stuff.

This dragon will not fit in my Honda, I checked.

The power of a fun, unplanned day:  I got a second photo with no middle finger raised!

After Funko, we wandered west towards the Everett Public Library.

Inside the building, librarian-friend Emily gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of cool library STEM projects.
We hope to collaborate on the beanstalk-growing thing this summer.

Next stop:  the Schack Art Gallery, where we viewed local art and live glassblowing.

I could spend many happy hours at the Schack.

Then, we were thirsty, so we went to Toggles.

Mine was a glass of Fort George Brewery's "Sagittarius A* No Flights" a barrel-aged
imperial stout with molasses, brown sugar, cardamom and almond.
I drank every lovely drop of it.

Last stop, a tiny bit of retail therapy:

The Goodwill thrift shop offers many treasures.  I found a pair of rhinestone-studded reading glasses!

Finally, I wandered home, built a fire in the woodstove, and thought about summer.

It may be dark outside, but we are warm inside

Only 4.5 more months to go.


  1. This was such a feel-good entry. What a great way to fend of the winter blahs!


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