In which, in the midst of crappy times, there are still things to make us laugh

I won't lie:  the pandemic is bad.  

Not far to go to hit 2,000 cases in Washington State.  This graph is current as of 3pm on March 22.

There's too much time to stalk the news channels, to rant and rave about various elected officials who may or may not be idiots, and way too much time to worry about the uncertain future.

I remind myself that I'm perfectly capable of improvising under less-than-perfect circumstances--that is, in fact, what a lot of library work involves (not to mention farm tasks! and endurance riding!  and pretty much everything I do!).

I can use the tools and materials I have to address the problems I encounter, and I will be fine.

So, I've been digging in the garden and working on my puppet.

She still needs a name...and a body.

I've also been touching bases with friends online, making sure everybody has what they need, if not everything they want.  And between us all, we've managed to come up with some stuff to laugh at.

I'm going to put some laughable stuff here for y'all.  If you have something you think I should share, send it, and I'll put up another post.  


My friend Vickie sent several things, including this one, which may be one of my New Favorite Things:

(also delightful is the "making of" video about One Shoe Blues )

Well, that reminded me of one of my old favorites, another Sandra Boynton song that I sometimes sing to the Dragon out on the trail as we walk along.

(you don't have to be a fan of Davy Jones from his Monkees days...but I am!)

When I pulled up the Personal Penguin video, YouTube suggested that I might also enjoy Philadelphia Chickens--and I do!  Here ya go, poultry in motion.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that my brother and I wore the groove off of the original Sesame Street cast recording (on vinyl because we are OLD).  If you want something nostalgic and sweet (and funny!) try this:

Vickie says that when she and her husband Stuart lived in Texas, they'd sometimes see the Lounge Lizards perform live.  So, here's one of their classic tunes that might have been written with the year 2020 in mind:

Okay, the comment box is open.  What are you doing/reading/seeing/hearing that makes you laugh in the middle of a bad situation?

Share it, please!


  1. I work as an epidemiologist at the BC Centre for Disease Control, so not having much trouble keeping busy. The videos of penguins wandering around closed aquariums are the best thing about COVID-19 from my perspective.

    1. Here are the penguins, for anyone who hasn't seen them:

      Here are other penguins in Lithuania also touring:

      The Point Defiance penguins are still in their pens:

      And a penguin cam:


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