In which I comment on the cuteness (and dumbness!) of our little goats

Certainly, our goats are adorable. They are funny, and silly, and far more amusing than anything that network television could ever dream up.
Jim likes to pretend that Dobbie is a motorcycle, and uses his ears as accelerators. Vroooom! Vrooom! (it doesn't make the goats go any faster).

Hana regards the goats as her entourage. Wherever she goes, they follow her, skipping along in her shadow.

If anyone goes into the pasture to pet the goats, Hana is right there to help...and to collect some petting for herself.

Hana likes these goats...which is convenient, because keeping Hana company was one of the reasons we got goats in the first place.

Jim read several books about goatkeeping before Lupin and Dobbie arrived at our farm, and so he is careful to check their feet regularly. They are now very well-trained to pick up their feet nicely when he asks them to do it.

They are also pretty good at giving kisses!

One of the (many) funny things about goats is that their foolish behavior inspires foolish behavior from anybody who meets them.
The goats are insanely fond of buckets. They go crazy whenever they see a bucket, and will follow a bucket--even an empty bucket--forever.
...and, of course, they look especially silly when they run.
During the day, they like to snuggle up next to the pasture gate to take their naps. The gate gets warm in the sun, I guess.
Even on hot days, they penguin-pile beside the gate for hours of peaceful snoozing.
A few days ago, Dobbie was fast asleep and rolled over under the gate. When he woke up, he was out of the pasture and in the back yard, and he couldn't figure out how to get back into the pasture with his friends.
I'm sure the entire valley heard him hollering his distress!
Fortunately, I was home that day and pushed him back under the gate.
Dobbie and Lupin are usually close together. It's hard to take pictures of them where they don't appear to be a single two-headed goat.
I can hear people asking the Big Question: DO THEY EAT BLACKBERRY VINES?!?!?!!!!
YESSSSSSSS! They love to eat blackberry vines. Apparently, goats lack the ability to discern "bitterness" in food, so they happily suck down blackberry leaves and vine that animals with a proper sense of taste avoid.

Hooray for Dobbie Goat Gruff and Lupin Goat Gruff, the Clown Princes of Haiku Farm!


  1. This was great! I was laughing so hard!! Goats are so humorous. They do the funniest things. I love that they burp. They definitely like to put their faces in your face, I had to give up grooming my horses in the pasture, because they would take everything about of my grooming bag, and I spent more time chasing my brushes and hoof picks down, than grooming my horse! Even when you carry something in your back pocket, it will disappear!
    But it is so much fun!!

  2. Goats are funny. When I bought Poco, his buddy was a goat. I was worried I'd have to bring that critter home with me! I like them, but I don't need any more livestock.

  3. LOL...oh geeze... even I (the goat/sheep hater) have to admit that is cute. Sounds like you got a few good ones! And I'll sign on to anything that eat blackberry vines!


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