In which Puzzle the Cat discovers a new toy in the living room

I just wanted to paint some ferns onto a boring wall in the living room.

And then, Puzzle showed up to assist me.

"Outta the way! Cat on the job!"

Once he was actually up on the ladder, all work stopped so that he could enjoy this gigantic new toy I had put in the living room for him.

I finally took the ladder away from him and finished the wall.With his big yellow ladder gone, Puzzle was forced to play with the dog instead. Sigh.

Yup. Life is never dull at Haiku Farm.
It's frequently really silly, though.


  1. I've seen a lot of bad faux finishes in my life, and that wall looks fantastic! Really beautiful work.

    Our fluffy cat sometimes chases Cersei around, purring and rubbing himself onto her. She gets the weirdest terrified look on her face and tries to escape, but he is merciless until he's got his dog fix.

  2. Beautiful walls! Love the last picture of the cat hanging by front paws!

  3. Have you thought about enrolling Puzzle in Agility? I bet he'd be awesome on the A-frame!

    Love the video of Puzzle and the dog. My cat will sometimes pounce at my shelties, but they won't engage in play with her.

  4. What a beauty he is Puuuuuufect markings! And Oh, So helpful!

  5. i'm still laughing at your silly cat on the ladder (the last photo is the BEST!)

  6. Not bad. Is puzzles available for window work? We've got some tall ones over here. :)

    Beautiful ferns, btw...


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